Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1511 - Blood is thicker than water

Chapter 1511: Blood is thicker than water

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However, Ye Wanwan was troubled. How should she investigate this…

The woman glanced at Ye Wanwan before asking Madam Nie, “Mom, this is…?”

“Worriless, she’s Ye Wanwan, your brother’s good friend. She’s the one your brother troubled to look after Tangtang back in China,” Madam Nie replied.

The woman was startled by Madam Nie’s answer and carefully examined Ye Wanwan, a tinge of nearly indiscernible hatred surfacing in her eyes.

“Heh… So it’s Miss Wanwan…” The woman concealed her hatred and smiled at Ye Wanwan. “Isn’t Miss Wanwan Chinese? How did you come to the Independent State…?”

“What does it have to do with you? Is it any of your business?” Nameless Nie glanced at the woman.

“Brother, Miss Wanwan is your friend, and I’m your sister, so isn’t it normal for me to show some curiosity when a friend visits the Nie residence?” The woman had a deep frown.

Before Nameless Nie could respond, the woman turned to Madam Nie with an aggrieved expression. “Mom… Does Brother hold some bias against me…?”

Madam Nie glared fiercely at Nameless Nie.

Then the woman turned to Ye Wanwan and said, “Miss Wanwan… You’re my brother’s friend, so you’re naturally a friend of the Nie family as well… Thank you for taking care of Tangtang back in China, Miss Wanwan. That child is difficult to get along with and take care of…”

“As Tangtang’s mother, I didn’t fulfill my duty. I’m truly apologetic that I had to trouble Miss Wanwan.”

Ye Wanwan calmly replied, “It’s nothing. Tangtang and I got along rather well.”

“Yes…” The woman nodded. “After Tangtang came home, he missed Miss Wanwan a lot. However… I’m Tangtang’s mother, and blood is thicker than water. Tangtang now understands this principle and knows what genuine blood relations are. Outsiders are outsiders, after all, and can’t compare to his own mother. Now, Tangtang and I get along very well…”

Ye Wanwan’s brows furrowed minutely when she heard this woman’s words.

Worriless Nie’s words were a bit vague, but Ye Wanwan could understand her meaning.

“Heh… If Miss Wanwan likes children, she can have a few of her own. No matter how dearly you love other people’s children, it’s pointless, isn’t it?” Worriless said meaningfully.

Ye Wanwan didn’t respond.

If this woman really was Tangtang’s biological mother, Ye Wanwan absolutely wouldn’t disturb her and Tangtang.

However, Yi Shuihan said last time that he suspected this woman’s identity. It was possible she wasn’t Tangtang’s mother and was a fake…

Ye Wanwan also had her doubts though. How could a mother not recognize her own daughter? Couldn’t Madam Nie tell if this Worriless Nie was fake or not? She wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nameless Nie who couldn’t recognize his own sister though.

On the other hand, Ye Wanwan had an inexplicable sense of trust in Yi Shuihan.

This was related to Tangtang’s life, and she went through fire and water with Nameless Nie, so she had to investigate this matter thoroughly…

Of course, it would be a happy ending for everyone if she could prove this woman was Worriless Nie herself.

“Miss Nie is right, however… I promised Tangtang I’d come to the Independent State to visit him before,” Ye Wanwan said.

Nameless Nie didn’t allow the woman to reply before saying, “What? Do you have an objection to me bringing my friend home for a visit?”

The woman glanced at Nameless Nie. “Visiting is fine, but you have to assess the circumstances and timing, Eldest Brother. If it was someone else, I would naturally welcome them enthusiastically, but Miss Wanwan has a unique relationship with Tangtang. Moreover, Tangtang doesn’t want to see Miss Wanwan.”

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