Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1502 - I really like it

Chapter 1502: I really like it

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It wasn’t a trap or explosives; it was a trunk full of fresh and vivacious white roses whose petals were still gleaming with dewdrops.

Beautiful and alluring…

Silence descended on everyone as they became dumbstruck.

Huh…? It turned out to be… r-roses?

What’s going on?

Everyone looked baffled.

Ye Wanwan looked at Emperor Ji and said languidly, “Just a small present as my thanks to you. Do you like them, Emperor Ji?”

When Ye Wanwan finished speaking, someone’s sword fell and loudly clattered onto the ground, followed by a wave of shocked gasps.

Everyone looked at Ye Wanwan like they’d seen a ghost!

Sh*t sh*t sh*t!

What did they see?!

Bai Feng… actually…

Actually gave roses to Emperor Ji?

“D*mn! Is Bai Feng insane?”

“I’ve always heard the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, was flirtatious and passionate! It looks like it’s true!”

“But she even dared to provoke Emperor Ji? Isn’t she too gutsy?”

“I think she wants to die! How could Emperor Ji allow her to act so insolently?!”

Even Big Dipper also thought they were dead for sure, let alone other people. Meanwhile, Seven Star was on high alert, prepared for any situation.

Under everyone’s gazes, Ji Xiuran stepped forward and slowly strolled to the trunk of roses.

A faint smile was on his lips as he extended his slender fingers and pulled out a white rose from the trunk before lifting it to his nose to have a light sniff.

A smile bloomed across the man’s face. That smile caused Ye Wanwan to blink, dazzled.

The man in front of her was simply more stunning than a whole trunk of white roses…

At the same time, a piercing pain radiated from her head.

What’s happening?

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. However, that peculiar feeling only lasted a moment and disappeared before she could capture it.

With a white rose in hand, Ji Xiuran tenderly and indulgently looked at her. “Thank you, President Bai. I really like them.”

The audience’s eyes nearly fell out from shock.

D*mn! Emperor Ji isn’t seeking retribution???

“What kind of huge-a** luck did this woman get?!”

“Hmph, it’s only because Emperor Ji has a good temper. If it was that one… she’d probably be dead without a burial place already!”

“That one? Only if she really wants to die!”

Right now, the one they were speaking of was sitting in the black car across from them.

Lin Que felt like… this narrow space would be shortly shattered by a certain someone’s pressure when that trunk of roses was revealed…

F*ck! A trunk of explosives would be better!

This was simply more terrifying than explosives!

Originally, he thought Ninth Brother’s emotions these last few days were too frightening, so he wanted to make a detour here to scout for information about that girl. He never would’ve expected to be accosted by this scene.

This was… the end of the world!

On the other hand, Big Dipper and Seven Star both relaxed. Big Dipper nearly collapsed from fright.

Thank goodness, thank goodness…

Thank goodness Emperor Ji had a good temper…

Thank goodness the recipient of their president’s public flower-giving wasn’t Lord Asura…

Skeleton, next to Emperor Ji, coughed lightly with an embarrassed expression. This mistress’ personality was seriously the same as before. She even dared to do something like give flowers to Emperor Ji in public.


Skeleton covertly peeked at his master. It looked like Emperor Ji was in a rather good mood?

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