Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1503 - Wouldn’t do anything to Emperor Ji, right?

Chapter 1503: Wouldn’t do anything to Emperor Ji, right?

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After making everyone’s jaws drop, Ye Wanwan originally planned to leave after handing over the flowers, but she caught the nearby black car from the corner of her eye.

She saw that car before inside Asura’s manor…

After some thought, Ye Wanwan changed what she was going to say. “I’m glad you like them. Well… is Emperor Ji free tonight for a meal with me?”

First, she gave flowers…

Now, she was openly asking for a date…

Ji Xiuran glanced at the leaders who wanted to have a meal with him and said, “Apologies, everyone. I have a prior engagement tonight, so it’ll have to be another time!”

Have a prior engagement…?

So Emperor Ji actually accepted Bro Flattop’s invitation?

“Please!” Ye Wanwan was immensely satisfied by this result and eagerly opened the door to the red Ferrari.

Part of the reason she gave flowers to Emperor Ji was to maintain Bai Feng’s personality to prevent Emperor Ji from growing suspicious. The other reason was, of course, to electrify a certain someone…

Just like that, Ji Xiuran entered the car under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Then they watched as that arrogant Ferrari sent dust flying in their faces.

Inside the black car, Lin Que stiffly turned his head to look at the man in the back. “Ninth… Ninth Brother… should we follow and see?”

“Go back.” The man closed his eyes again.

Lin Que grew more frightened upon seeing Si Yehan’s face looking so placid.

This was… the calm before the storm…

Inside a high-class western restaurant in the Independent State:

Big Dipper risked his life to disobey Sis Feng’s orders and reserved a high-class business private room instead of a lovers’ private room.

After Sis Feng entered with Emperor Ji, Big Dipper stayed with Seven Star outside the door and stood guard.

Big Dipper made a praying motion with his hands clasped. “Oh, merciful Buddha! Thank god Emperor Ji didn’t get angry!”

Seven Star didn’t say anything. He didn’t find this outcome too strange.

With Emperor Ji’s shrewdness, there was no way he’d wear his emotions on his face. Since Emperor Ji didn’t plan to attack the Fearless Alliance right now, he wouldn’t blow up over such a trivial matter.

“I’m suddenly glad that it’s Emperor Ji who Sis Feng likes… If she suicidally coveted Lord Asura… that’d be the true disaster…” Big Dipper murmured with lingering fears.

Just as he relaxed, he thought of something and became terrified, color draining out of his face. “It’s over, it’s over! A single man and a single woman together in the same room by themselves! Sis Feng won’t lose control and do something, right?”

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper, a slight frown on his face. “Probably not.”

Big Dipper was in a tizzy. “What do you mean ‘probably not’?! She’s someone who dared to forcefully kiss even Lord Asura… She’s definitely capable of doing something like forcefully having her way with Emperor Ji, alright?!?!?!”

At that moment, inside the private room:

The atmosphere was rather harmonious actually.

Ye Wanwan raised her champagne and saluted the man across from her. “I couldn’t control myself last time. You won’t take offense, right?”

In truth, she didn’t feel like there was anything Emperor Ji should take offense to.

It wasn’t until she visited the Ji residence that she learned Emperor Ji had a fiancée already—a fiancée the Ji family acknowledged too. He was probably just in a fake relationship with Bai Feng.

Emperor Ji smiled noncommittally. “I’ll help you think of a solution for the gu poison.”

“Thanks, thanks! Don’t worry, I’d rather die than submit!” Ye Wanwan exclaimed righteously, as though she definitely didn’t have any ulterior motives regarding Lord Asura.

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