Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1501 - Want to cause trouble again?

Chapter 1501: Want to cause trouble again?

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Who was willing to offend a faction like the Fearless Alliance? They’d merely be asking for trouble!

It was fine when Bro Flattop went missing, but now that she was back, the Fearless Alliance… was probably going to return to its peak, and no one would dare to provoke them.

At the same time, because everyone was focused on Bai Feng, no one noticed a black car without a license plate was slowly driving toward them on the other side of the road.

“Oh d*mn, what’s going on?” Lin Que acutely noticed the nearby situation and quickly steered the car to park to the side.

“Ninth Brother, Ninth Brother! Look, look! Isn’t that Ye Wanwan?”

In the back seat, the man who kept his eyes closed the whole time slowly opened his eyes. His icy eyes turned to the nearby building.

Soon, he saw a girl leading a few people, stopping in front of Emperor Ji and a group of leaders.

Because they weren’t too far, they could faintly hear the conversation.

“D*mn! What’s happening? Why is that girl at Emperor Ji’s headquarters?” Lin Que’s face was nearly pasted to the window.

They had business matters to deal with today. Originally, they didn’t have to pass by this spot, but it had been a few days since that girl, Ye Wanwan, was poisoned by love gu, and there hadn’t been any reactions or visits from her. Hence, he couldn’t help making a detour over here.

What he didn’t expect was to run into her while passing by Emperor Ji’s headquarters before they reached the Fearless Alliance.

In the midst of an ocean of cautious gazes, Ye Wanwan raised her hand and waved at them with a smile. “Hey, everyone. I trust you’ve been well since we last met!”

“Hmph…” Everyone looked immensely disdainful.

“Bai Feng, what do you want to do?” someone shouted admonishingly.

Ye Wanwan grinned and said, “Don’t worry, I just came here to have a few words with Emperor Ji.”

Came here for Emperor Ji?

Everyone looked at each other, caution building in their eyes.

Does Bro Flattop want to cause trouble again?

Ji Xiuran wore a warm smile as he gently looked at her. “May I ask what business President Bai has with me?”

“Ah… there’s business, there’s business…” Ye Wanwan turned her head and said to Big Dipper and Seven Star, “Why are you standing around? Hurry and open the trunk!”

Big Dipper: “I’m already dead from short circuiting…”

Ye Wanwan glowered at him. “Don’t make me kill you myself.”


Big Dipper had no choice but to close his eyes, grit his teeth, and forcefully press the remote control to open the trunk.

“Oh, sh*t! Be careful, everyone!”

“Draw back! Draw back, everyone! Be careful, Emperor Ji!”

When everyone saw Ye Wanwan ordering Big Dipper to open the trunk, they thought there was a trap stowed in the trunk and they turned pale with fright.

Only Emperor Ji calmly remained in place, his gaze on the girl unchanging.

Inside the black car, Lin Que’s eyes shot open. “There aren’t explosives in the trunk, right?”

The man in the back seat kept silent, quietly sitting there like a recently awoken beast.

In the next second, the trunk lid rose slowly…

Under everyone’s terrified gazes, the lid finally opened completely…

Revealing the trunk, brimming with… roses…

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