Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1500 - Sima Zhao's trick is obvious

Chapter 1500: Sima Zhao’s trick is obvious

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In the end, Ye Wanwan directly drove to the location of Emperor Ji’s faction.

Big Dipper and Seven Star were worried, so they followed her. The whole drive there, Big Dipper tried his best to persuade Ye Wanwan, but she remained unperturbed and unmoved.

As they spoke, the bright red Ferrari drifted and arrived in front of an ancient European-style building.

Through the window, they could see a group of people walking out of the building. The leading man with his elegant and graceful aura and gentle bearing was Emperor Ji.

Walking behind Emperor Ji were a few higher-ups from Emperor Ji’s faction and several leaders from other organizations—all influential figures in the Independent State. They probably just happened to be discussing some business together today.

“Emperor Ji, will you grace me with your presence and share a meal with me? I’ve already booked the hotel!”

Several powerful figures extended invitations simultaneously.

Inside the car, Big Dipper wanted to cry when he saw how many people there were. There were so many respectable and prestigious figures there. If Sis Feng really did carry out her plan in front of everyone, he didn’t want to imagine the scene.

“What thanks… Sis Feng… you aren’t giving your thanks… You know that trying to hide it just makes it more conspicuous, right… You’re trying to cover your ears while stealing a bell… You should know Sima Zhao’s trick is obvious to every man on the street!”

Ye Wanwan rubbed Big Dipper’s dog head and opened the door to leave.

On the other hand, Ji Xiuran was about to respond when his eyes caught something nearby.

The people around him all automatically followed his gaze.

Everyone watched as a bright red Ferrari stopped in front of the entrance with a screech. A moment later, the door opened, and a handsome and lively girl wearing black tight-fitting clothes with her hair in a ponytail exited the car, causing the viewers’ eyes to brighten.

“Who is that girl…” a leader murmured.

Ye Wanwan had been doing things pretty high-profile lately, so someone soon recognized her. A shocked exclamation was heard from the crowd. “Bai… Bai Feng… Isn’t that Bai Feng?!”

“Bai Feng? That Bai Feng?”

“How many Bai Fengs are there in the Independent State?! Of course it’s the President of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop!”

“WHAT?! Bro Flattop?”

Everyone’s expressions shifted when they heard the words “Fearless Alliance” and “Bro Flattop.”

The Fearless Alliance was truly worthy of being the most notorious faction; their name was truly deafening.

“Are you mistaken? Bro Flattop is actually a delicate girl like this?” someone asked with disbelief.

Another person asked, “Delicate? Are you kidding me? Earlier, Ling Huo from the Ironhead Gang arrived on their doorstep to pick a fight with them, and he ended up being pummeled by Bro Flattop single-handedly!”

Everyone was horrified when they heard this, and many people subconsciously retreated.

Ling Huo was a ruthless character in the Independent State. He was destroyed and replaced by the Fearless Alliance back then. To their surprise, he made a comeback several years later, only to be pummeled and beaten black and blue once again.

After their president disappeared, the Fearless Alliance wasn’t as powerful as before, but it appeared they were about to make a resurgence…

“Why did Bro Flattop come today? She can’t be seeking trouble again, right?!”

“The Fearless Alliance is utterly egotistical! This is Emperor Ji’s territory! How dare they act so insolently?”

“Ahem, they’re the Fearless Alliance… What don’t they dare to do… Didn’t they eliminate several of Emperor Ji’s branches a few years ago…”

“We should snuff out such malignant tumors in the Independent State!”

“That’s right!”

Although everyone was screaming for blood, no one dared to step forward.

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