Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1497 - Give you two paths

Chapter 1497: Give you two paths

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However, she did want to get acquainted with the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy and see if he could use his unique deep hypnosis to help her retrieve her memories.

Hence, Ye Wanwan had to make her presence known and help the students from the Scarlet Flames Academy. Otherwise, why should their headmaster help her?

“I’ll give you two paths. Get lost or die,” Ye Wanwan said to the students from Stars and Sun Academy with a light chuckle.

The female leader of Stars and Sun Academy derisively looked at Ye Wanwan. “President Fearless, who do you think you are? I don’t believe you’d touch a single hair on Stars and Sun’s students!”

“Slap her mouth,” Ye Wanwan ordered aloofly.

“Yes,” Seven Star answered and strode toward the female leader of Stars and Sun Academy.

“You’re dead!” The female leader of Stars and Sun Academy instantly swung her hand, striking Seven Star.

However, Seven Star merely lifted his right arm and shook off the woman’s hand. Before she could react, he ruthlessly slapped her mouth.

Everyone heard a crisp slap and the woman staggered back.

Seven Star glanced at the woman and turned to leave without looking back.

“You…” The woman glared at Ye Wanwan furiously, wishing nothing more than to skin her alive.

“Kill them.” Ye Wanwan gestured at the members of the Fearless Alliance behind her with her right arm.

The students of Stars and Sun Academy’s expressions all shifted. President Fearless didn’t look like she was bluffing to intimidating them at all!

“Senior Sister… let’s hurry and leave. The president of the Fearless Alliance is a lunatic! If we don’t leave now, we might really die here!” a student from Stars and Sun Academy urged the woman.

The female leader’s expression also changed when she saw so many Fearless Alliance members advancing toward her.

She originally thought the Fearless Alliance wouldn’t dare to attack them, but it now looked like… the president of the Fearless Alliance didn’t have any scruples about it!

“Withdraw!” the woman commanded almost instantly and led the Stars and Sun students away.

“Chase them! Kill them!” Big Dipper made to chase after them with the other members.

Ye Wanwan grabbed him by his shoulder.

“Sis Feng… what is it?” Big Dipper turned to Ye Wanwan in confusion.

Didn’t Sis Feng say to kill them…?

“Haven’t you heard of the saying ‘Don’t chase your cornered enemies’?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Oh…” Big Dipper nodded. “Fine… we won’t chase them then.”

Ye Wanwan turned to Third Elder. “Li Si, send those students of the Scarlet Flames Academy back.”

Li Si was startled and reflexively asked, “Send them back where, President?”

“Back to Scarlet Flames Academy,” Ye Wanwan replied. “Bring more people to avoid those students from Stars and Sun Academy coming out again to seek trouble.”

“Eh…” Li Si was baffled. Saving them was nice enough already, but the President wanted to escort them back?

“Is that a problem?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“No. This subordinate will do that now.” Li Si waved his hand and had some Fearless Alliance members carry several injured Scarlet Flames students.

Since that was the President’s order, he naturally wouldn’t keep questioning it. He just had to do as she said.

After resolving that matter, Ye Wanwan returned to her office.

The memories of Scarlet Flames Academy that flashed through her head that day at the Ji residence was too blurry, so she didn’t obtain any useful clues, but they were very realistic.

It appeared she could start with the Scarlet Flames Academy…

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