Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1498 - Help me order a bouquet of flowers

Chapter 1498: Help me order a bouquet of flowers

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Autumn Water returned the next evening.

“Autumn Water, you’re back.” Ye Wanwan looked at Autumn Water, who entered after knocking, with a smile.

Autumn Water hastily walked forward and grasped Ye Wanwan’s hand while carefully examining her. “Xiao Feng, are you alright? How’s your body?”

Ye Wanwan shrugged. “There aren’t any problems; it’s pretty good.”

Autumn Water sighed with relief. “Thankfully, you should be safe for three months… Xiao Feng, don’t worry. The Independent State is so large, and there are so many capable people with special talents here. We’ll definitely find a solution with the Fearless Alliance’s power. Emperor Ji is also helping.”

“Moreover, we aren’t the only ones worried; there’s still Asura! They won’t allow Lord Asura to die!” Autumn Water said.

Ye Wanwan smiled. “I know, Autumn Water. Don’t worry, I won’t die so easily.”

Autumn Water nodded with a concerned expression and reminded Ye Wanwan, “Oh right, Xiao Feng, even though you were forced by the circumstances after being poisoned by gu last time… To avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings, you should make a gesture on Emperor Ji’s side! Don’t cause any bad blood with him!”

Hm? Forced by the circumstances?

Although Ye Wanwan didn’t feel like she was forced at all back then…

Autumn Water was right; she did need to explain herself to Emperor Ji. Hence, she nodded and said, “OK, I know. I’ll go pacify him.”

“Good…” Autumn Water was confident in Bai Feng’s pacifying skills, so she relaxed.

Not long after Autumn Water left, Seven Star and Big Dipper came to discuss some business with her.

After their discussion ended, Ye Wanwan stopped them from leaving.

Ye Wanwan lifted her hand. “Hey, hold on!”

Big Dipper and Seven Star stopped in their tracks, and Big Dipper’s head turned back. “Sis Feng, is there anything else?”

Ye Wanwan twirled the fountain pen in her hand and looked pensive for a moment before instructing, “Big Dipper, help me order a bouquet of flowers.”

It’s almost time for me to start my plan…

Big Dipper scratched his head, bewildered. “Order flowers?”

“Yes. I want… hm, how about roses!” Ye Wanwan said decisively.

“Huh? Ss Feng, why do you want to buy roses? Since when did you like these showy things?” Big Dipper asked with confusion.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up, and she nonchalantly. “It’s not me who likes them. Things like roses are naturally meant as gifts for other people.”

Big Dipper was shocked. “Gifts? Who do you want to give it to, Sis Feng?!”

His eyes suddenly brightened. “Sh*t! Sis Feng, I know! You can’t be giving them to… Lord Asura, right?! Sis Feng, you’re finally preparing to make a move!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at him dryly. “No.”

Big Dipper was startled before misery flooded his face. “What wild man did you take a liking to again, Sis Feng? Who are you giving them to if not Lord Asura?”

Seven Star also sent her a suspicious gaze.

Ye Wanwan glanced at them and aloofly answered, “Ji Xiuran.”

Big Dipper: “…”

Seven Star: “…”

Big Dipper was flabbergasted for half a day before finally regaining his senses. He wanted to cry. “Sh*t! Emperor… Emperor Ji? Sis Feng, kill me! I’m begging you; there are so many people in the Independent State. Why can’t you find an easier person to pursue?”

Ye Wanwan gave him side-eye. “When have you ever seen me do anything easy?”

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