Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1496 - You're nothing

Chapter 1496: You’re nothing

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“Hahaha, Senior Sister, they’re the Fearless Alliance after all. They didn’t even fear the four great clans when they were at their peak, so shouldn’t us mercenary students give them some face?”

The female leader’s lips turned up and she snorted. “Something like face isn’t meant for giving. It’s meant for being thrown and stomped beneath people’s feet. Am I right, people from the Fearless Alliance?”

The Fearless Alliance higher-ups’ expressions all shifted. If these punks didn’t have Stars and Sun Academy backing them up, they’d be dead by now for daring to humiliate the Fearless Alliance like this!

However, the Fearless Alliance had to give some face to the Three Great Mercenary Academies.

Moreover, this conflict didn’t have anything to do with the Fearless Alliance. They merely didn’t want anyone to die on their territory.

“Hurry and release them! You can fight if you want; just don’t fight on the Fearless Alliance’s territory.” A Fearless Alliance higher-up made an impatient shooing motion with his hand.

“Oh… Since when did your Fearless Alliance have the face to tell us where to fight? Hahaha, isn’t the Fearless Alliance too good at pasting gold onto their faces?” The female leader looked derisive.

“Don’t waste your words with them. Bring the students from Scarlet Flames over here,” First Elder ordered coldly.

“Yes.” Several Fearless Alliance members strode forward and made to grab the students from Scarlet Flames Academy.

“I think you want to die!”

A cold glint flashed through the female leader’s eyes, and she instantly attacked the Fearless Alliance members.

When the Fearless Alliance members saw this, they could only defend themselves but didn’t dare to retaliate.

The consequences would be inconceivable if they injured or killed the students from Stars and Sun Academy.

Forced to stay on the defense, the Fearless Alliance members were sent flying back within moments.

“Don’t go too far!” a Fearless Alliance member shouted darkly.

“Oh?” The female leader of Stars and Sun Academy grinned. “Do you really consider yourself important? In our eyes, the Fearless Alliance is nothing…”

“Oh right, some major factions recently posted a mission for assassinating the president of the Fearless Alliance. Why don’t we accept this mission when we return and take away your president’s dog head?”

Before the Fearless Alliance higher-up could retort, a peal of bone-chilling laughter was heard from behind them. “Sure! Why don’t you take my head back now? Wouldn’t that be more convenient?”

Ye Wanwan led Big Dipper, Seven Star, and a countless number of Fearless Alliance members to the clearing.

“Who are you? How dare you speak to me like this?!” The female leader of Stars and Sun Academy derisively stared at Ye Wanwan.


Third Elder, First Elder, and the other Fearless Alliance higher-ups all bowed at Ye Wanwan upon seeing her.

Ye Wanwan nodded in response.

“She’s the president of the Fearless Alliance…?”

The students from Stars and Sun Academy were surprised. Rumors claimed the president of the Fearless Alliance wasn’t that old, but… no one expected her to be so young…

“Hmph, what a joke! So what if you’re President Fearless? You’re nothing to me.” The female leader of Stars and Sun snorted.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up with a wicked smile.

In truth, the life and death of the students from the two great mercenary academies had nothing to do with her, but…

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