Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1495 - Deep hypnotism

Chapter 1495: Deep hypnotism

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Big Dipper walked toward Ye Wanwan immediately and said, “I heard it was because several students of the Scarlet Flames Academy wanted to give a birthday gift to their headmaster and happened to run into students from the Stars and Sun Academy. Scarlet Flames and Stars and Sun were mortal enemies to begin with… so their students started fighting too.”

Big Dipper continued, “Sis Feng, Scarlet Flames Academy’s headmaster is super amazing. They say his capability of deep hypnosis is unrivaled in the Independent State. His hypnotism can cause people to fall asleep instantly and unearth normal people’s inner fears and potentials. He’s a legend of his generation. As for the headmaster of the Stars and Sun Academy, his name also spreads far and wide…”

Ye Wanwan chose to ignore Big Dipper’s prattling.

However, what Big Dipper said about the headmaster of the Scarlet Flames Academy did stir Ye Wanwan’s thoughts.

Deep hypnotism… If it could unearth people’s fears and potential… What… what about lost memories?

If the headmaster of the Scarlet Flames Academy was truly this talented, could she… have him help her? If she could retrieve all her lost memories…

Ye Wanwan recalled the memory fragments that suddenly flashed through her mind that day at the Ji residence.

Perhaps she would be able to discover traces of her background if she started from the Scarlet Flames Academy…

“Sis Feng, the students of Scarlet Flames Academy and Stars and Sun Academy are still fighting. The elders have gone over already. Do you also want to take a look? If these students die in our territory, it’d be a bit troublesome,” Big Dipper said.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted, and she stood up immediately. “Let’s go and see.”

In an empty space near the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, about 10-20 men and women were in a chaotic mess of battles, swords, sabers and other weapons flying everywhere.


First Elder got a migraine while watching these students from the two great academies. They could fight anywhere, so why did they just have to fight in the Fearless Alliance’s territory?

If there were any deaths on either side, Scarlet Flames and Stars and Sun would probably demand an explanation from them again.

“We told you to stop! Are you all deaf?”

First Elder shouted coldly when he saw that he was ignored, his brows locking together.

However, First Elder’s words were akin to air. No one paid him any heed.

Eventually, First Elder ordered the Fearless Alliance members next to him: “Separate them.”

The members obeyed immediately and dashed forward. But before they could do anything, they were knocked onto the ground by the students.

First Elder originally only wanted to try to stop the fight, but when he saw these two groups were unappreciative of his gesture, he merely snorted and didn’t say anything else. They could all die for all he cared. It’d be even better if they all died.

About 15 minutes later, the students of Scarlet Flames Academy were all lying on the ground. Several young men and women from the Stars and Sun Academy walked forward and stepped onto them, wanting to eliminate them at the roots.

Third Elder’s expression shifted upon seeing that, and he darkly ordered, “Stop.”

The students from Stars and Sun Academy turned around upon hearing that and swept their eyes over Li Si and the others.

The female leader of the Stars and Sun Academy group snorted and stared at Li Si. “I was wondering who it was. It turns out it’s the infamous Fearless Alliance… Hm? Why did the Fearless Alliance come running here to stick your nose into other people’s business instead of committing murder and arson? What? Did the Fearless Alliance change careers?”

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