Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1494 - Got into a fight

Chapter 1494: Got into a fight

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Now he was saying they had a good relationship. Who was it who hounded her for every cent possible when she asked him for help…

“Alright.” Ye Wanwan agreed in the end. No matter what, being able to see Tangtang was good.

After chatting a little longer with Nameless Nie, Ye Wanwan left.

The next morning, Ye Wanwan arrived early to the office to take care of some confidential matters concerning the Fearless Alliance.

These past few days, Autumn Water had been searching for a remedy for the gu, and Big Dipper and Seven Star had also been running around like ants on a hot pan. On the other hand, Ye Wanwan acted unperturbed without a trace of worry, like nothing happened.

It wasn’t time yet.

As for the Fearless Alliance, Ye Wanwan could clearly feel that control over the Alliance had ended up in her hands completely.

Previously, Ye Wanwan could only sit in the office and deal with the daily trivial matters of the Fearless Alliance, but now, she started coming into contact with the core of the Alliance.

Regardless of whether her decisions were reasonable or unreasonable, there wasn’t a single voice of dissent in the Fearless Alliance. They all did as she said, and flattering calls of “The President is brilliant” rang every which way.

Ye Wanwan was overcome by emotion. The current Fearless Alliance was no longer the old Fearless Alliance; it had changed…

She strongly believed that the true cause of her ability to grasp control of the Alliance and the lack of suspicion and subsequent whole-hearted obedience from First Elder and Third Elder was related to her previous drunken episode…

Otherwise, these changes couldn’t be explained.

She was immensely curious, but she couldn’t ask other people what she did while drunk. If she asked, wouldn’t it be equivalent to exposing herself…

“Sis Feng!”

Ye Wanwan was trying her best to recall the events after she got drunk when Big Dipper opened the doors and swaggered into the office.

“When will you finally change your bad habit of being so unnecessarily rowdy?” Ye Wanwan jolted from Big Dipper’s shrill scream, all her thoughts disrupted.

“Sis Feng, did you know? Scarlet Flames Academy and Stars and Sun Academy are fighting again! Near our Fearless Alliance too!” It was like Big Dipper didn’t hear what Ye Wanwan said at all and was completely absorbed in his own world.

“Scarlet Flames Academy… and Stars and Sun Academy?” Ye Wanwan was taken aback.

Ye Wanwan naturally knew about these two mercenary academies.

There were countless mercenary academies in the Independent State, but the three most renowned mercenary academies were called the Three Great Mercenary Academies.

And Scarlet Flames Academy and Stars and Sun Academy just happened to be two of the Three Great Mercenary Academies.

These two academies had been known for being on bad terms. Aside from the higher-ups of each academy, its students frequently broke out in conflict.

The most tragic and ferocious clash supposedly happened because the students of the two academies were battling over an S-level mission. The nearby students all rushed over, and it erupted into a battle between the students of the two great mercenary academies that ended up with dozens of people dead and injured. Later, it progressed to a battle between the two academies.

Ye Wanwan had a basic grasp of the current situation in the Independent State, so she knew the history of the Three Great Mercenary Academies.

“What happened?” Ye Wanwan asked Big Dipper.

How did the students of the Scarlet Flames Academy and Stars and Sun Academy get into a fight in the Fearless Alliance’s territory?

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