Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1481 - How could she not be drunk?

Chapter 1481: How could she not be drunk?

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Seven Star suddenly felt a light tap on his left shoulder.

Big Dipper, who was about to charge forward, reflexively looked behind him.

“Sis Feng…?” Seven Star was startled by Ye Wanwan’s abrupt appearance. Also, what was going on? She carried the stench of alcohol…

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up a fraction, revealing a smile that struck chords of familiarity in Seven Star…

This was Sis Feng’s smile when he met her for the first time back then…

Bewitching… confident… arrogant…

Before Seven Star could say something, Ye Wanwan walked forward and lifted her leg, mercilessly kicking Ling Huo’s ass.

Caught off guard, Ling Huo fell victim to Ye Wanwan’s leg and was sent flying three or four meters back while stringing Big Dipper along.

After kicking Ling Huo, Ye Wanwan yawned and sat down on the back of a Fearless Alliance higher-up who fainted. She closed her eyes and continued to sleep soundly.

Ling Huo shot up a second later and sent Ye Wanwan a biting look. “Who are you?!?!?!”

“Sis… Sis Feng?!”

Big Dipper called out, astonished, while looking at her.

None of the Fearless Alliance higher-ups glanced at Ye Wanwan at all. They were all focused on devising a method of saving themselves and the Fearless Alliance somehow.

“Bai Feng, is it…?”

Ling Huo wore an icy smile. Although he hadn’t seen her for many years and the woman who left a scar over his left eye wasn’t as stunningly gorgeous as the woman before him—she was but a mere girl in his memories—Big Dipper called her Sis Feng just now, so this had to be her.

“Bai Feng, long time no see. How have you been?” Ling Huo asked with a cold smile while walking toward her.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t respond at all and remained sitting on the Fearless Alliance member’s back. She didn’t even open her eyes.

“President Bai, you’re just as you were back then—conceited and arrogant… Today, I didn’t come to the Fearless Alliance to do much; I just came to dig out your eyeballs. I will keep them well and store them as a memento. What do you think, President Bai?” Ling Huo continued with a chuckle.

Ye Wanwan still didn’t give a hint of a reaction.

At the same time, Big Dipper and Seven Star, along with various higher-ups from the Fearless Alliance, all looked at each other in confusion.

Suddenly, everyone saw a dagger appearing in Ling Huo’s hand, and he struck Ye Wanwan’s eyes.

“Huh, why is she… sleeping?!” Big Dipper was dumbfounded. Even if she wanted to sleep, shouldn’t she pick a more suitable time?

“She’s drunk,” Seven Star interjected suddenly.

“Drunk?” Big Dipper was bewildered and happened to catch sight of the tightly gripped liquor bottle in Ye Wanwan’s hand from the corner of his eyes…

The entire bottle of liquor had reached the bottom already…

How could she freaking not be drunk?!

Moreover, Big Dipper had never seen Sis Feng drink, so in his mind, Sis Feng was someone who’d never drunk before. There was no way she wouldn’t get drunk after drinking an entire bottle of liquor. Plus, the strong smell of alcohol emanating from Sis Feng proved she was indeed drunk…

She wasn’t sleeping! She was drunkenly unconscious!

“You freaking dare!”

Big Dipper shouted angrily after learning Ye Wanwan was unconscious from drinking and charged toward Ling Huo again.

Regardless of the truth, he couldn’t stand by and watch this woman die…

However, in a fraction of second, Ye Wanwan’s closed eyes shot open.

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