Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1482 - This smile was familiar

Chapter 1482: This smile was familiar

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Different from the past, her eyes were bewitching and icy, making her look like she was a completely different person from the typical Ye Wanwan.

In front of everyone, Ye Wanwan smashed her empty bottle against Ling Huo’s head.

BANG! The bottle shattered, and Ling Huo faltered back.

Glass pieces pierced the skin on Ling Huo’s head, and scarlet blood dripped down.

This was an incredibly shocking scene to Seven Star and Big Dipper.

Didn’t Sis Feng lose consciousness after getting drunk…? How is this possible?

“Heh…” Ling Huo chuckled lightly and stared at Ye Wanwan, unconcerned about the blood on his forehead. “President Bai… were you pretending to be drunk to lower my guard…?”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes landed on Ling Huo, an icy glint sparkling in them. This man seemed a bit familiar… but he elicited dislike in her.

Ye Wanwan languidly stood up from the Fearless Alliance member’s back while looking at Ling Huo with a faint smile on her lips. She hooked her finger at him. “Come here.”

Her words paired with her extremely derisive and arrogant expression, causing Ling Huo’s smile to finally recede.

“Loser, who gave you the guts to stand in front of me?” An icy smile spread across Ye Wanwan’s lips.

When Ye Wanwan said that, Big Dipper and Seven Star met each other’s eyes in astonishment.

Didn’t they just prove that this woman wasn’t the president?

But… when they looked at this woman in front of them… why was she identical to Sis Feng…?

Even if there were similar looking people in the world, how could their auras and temperaments be so similar?

“President Bai… Your tone is just like the past… Egoistical without any limits…” Ling Huo laughed darkly. His figure transformed into a shadow, and he raised the coldly glinting dagger in his hand, aiming at Ye Wanwan’s eyes.

It had to be said that Ling Huo was extremely fast and carried a strong explosive strength. In the blink of an eye, when he reappeared, he was standing next to Ye Wanwan.


Ling Huo’s dagger stabbed at Ye Wanwan, a white glint flashing.

Before anyone could react, Ye Wanwan aloofly caught Ling Huo’s wrist.

Two slender fingers held the dagger between them.

No matter how Ling Huo struggled, the dagger didn’t move as though this woman’s fingers were an unshakable mountain.

A strange sound rang out and everyone watched as Ling Huo’s dagger snapped into pieces with a pinch of Ye Wanwan’s fingers!

This scene evoked everyone’s disbelief!

“D*mn… Sis Feng’s awesome!” Big Dipper looked shaken. “Sis Feng, kick his little c*ck! Quick… Snap it like that dagger! Show this f*cker the consequences of being c*cky!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper and sent him an odd smile.

Big Dipper was startled. This smile was… familiar…

“Hey… You’re too weak…” Ye Wanwan nonchalantly remarked as she looked away and stared at Ling Huo.

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