Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1480 - Too terrifying

Chapter 1480: Too terrifying

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“Big Dipper, you motherf*cker!”

A higher-up pointed at Big Dipper and shouted, “You f*cking told us to attack, but you yourself are hiding in the back and running your mouth off?!”

The higher-up wanted to curse some more but was punched in the head by Ling Huo, so he collapsed onto the floor at once and fainted.

Big Dipper: “…”

“Let’s attack.” Seven Star rotated his neck and stepped into the crowd.

“Who said I’m not attacking?! Open your dog eyes wide and see how ferocious I am!”

Big Dipper shouted when he saw Seven Star joining the fight and shooting into the crowd.

As Seven Star entered the crowd, he saw how Ling Huo was standing with his hands casually placed in his pant pockets and knocked over Third Elder and Fourth Elder with a kick in the blink of an eye like a dragon sweeping his tail.

“Hmph, Ling Huo, don’t go too far!” A cold glint flashed in First Elder’s eyes. He formed his hand into a claw and swiped at Ling Huo’s neck.

The other experts, including Third Elder, focused on them upon seeing First Elder’s attack.

Currently speaking, the strongest person in the Fearless Alliance was First Elder…

However, First Elder and Ling Huo exchanged no more than a few blows before he was knocked to the ground by Ling Huo, and Ling Huo stepped onto First Elder’s body.


Seven Star appeared in front of Ling Huo out of nowhere and karate chopped Ling Huo.

Ling Huo immediately tilted his head to the side a fraction and evaded Seven Star’s karate chop.

“Heh… they called you Seven Star just now… let me think… are you the child who followed Bai Feng back then?” Ling Huo asked with a faint smile while examining Seven Star.

Seven Star wasn’t interested in replying to Ling Huo. After the first attack missed its mark, he leaned forward again and grabbed Ling Huo by his lapels, wanting to fling him into the air.

Seven Star applied force to his wrist, but Ling Huo remained unmoving with one foot stepping on First Elder, akin to an unshakable mountain.

“Child, where’s Bai Feng?” Ling Huo smiled as he ruthlessly slammed his left elbow into Seven Star.

*Bang!* Seven Star’s expression shifted. His body felt like a train had crashed into it, and he uncontrollably retreated backward.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Big Dipper first caught Seven Star from behind and waited until Seven Star steadied himself before shouting and charging toward Ling Huo.

Despair surfaced in the Fearless Alliance members’ eyes. Ling Huo was too terrifying…

Who was his match in the Fearless Alliance?!

At the same time, inside the office, Ye Wanwan was sitting in her chair, and she had reached the bottom of her glass of hard liquor already. The scent of alcohol permeated her body.

Her eyes were tightly shut as though she was sleeping.

With her alcohol tolerance, the consequences of drinking an entire bottle of hard liquor could be imagined.

She probably mistakenly drank half a bottle of hard liquor at first but lost control after the effects hit her and guzzled down the rest of the bottle…

A moment later, Ye Wanwan dazedly opened her eyes, seemingly awoken by the sounds of fighting outside. She shook the empty bottle in her hand before shakily standing up and staggering out of the office.

Ye Wanwan didn’t walk far. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she watched the buzz-cut man, Ling Huo, oppressively beating up everyone around him.

An icy glint soon appeared in Ye Wanwan’s eyes.

It was at that time that Ling Huo grabbed Big Dipper by his neck and raised him into the air.

As Big Dipper’s feet left the ground, his face swelled red, a pained expression overtook his face, and his throat burned. Wasn’t Ling Huo too powerful…?

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