Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1479 - Who's afraid of that son of a b*tch?!

Chapter 1479: Who’s afraid of that son of a b*tch?!

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Big Dipper clenched his fists as he stared at the buzz-cut man, wanting to charge forward.

Before he could do that though, he was held back by Seven Star, who shook his head toward Ling Huo.

Ling Huo was called Death God in the Independent State back then…

At Big Dipper’s strength, he was no match for Ling Huo. They didn’t have a good chance of winning even if the two of them teamed up. Attacking Ling Huo would be the same as serving up their lives on a platter.

Unless Bai Feng fought him, no one in the Fearless Alliance could fend off Ling Huo!

Earlier, Third Elder and the other higher-ups also heard news of the Ironhead Gang being revived from the ashes, but they didn’t take it to heart.

Years ago, Bai Feng and Ling Huo had a duel, but Ling Huo lost and disappeared without a trace thereafter. Everyone thought Ling Huo died.

No one expected Ling Huo to reappear today and lead the Ironhead Gang to attack the Fearless Alliance!

“Heh… don’t be in such a rush to die… you clowns… Wait until we take care of Bai Feng, then we’ll have some fun with you.” It was a man standing next to Ling Huo from the Ironhead Gang who spoke. His lips curled up with a bone-chilling smile.

“Ling… Ling Huo, I think… there’s still room for negotiation between the Ironhead Gang and the Fearless Alliance… Our Fearless Alliance can give you compensation…” Third Elder Li Si said with a smile.

However, Ling Huo merely smiled and raised his right arm, waving it toward Li Si’s face.

A crisp “Smack!” was heard as Ling Huo slapped Li Si, the enormous force behind his hand causing Li Si to spiral a few times like a spinning top.

The Fearless Alliance didn’t dare to say a single word against the man’s arrogance and insolence. Instead, they all retreated backward.

In truth, these higher-ups didn’t care about Ye Wanwan’s death, but… what Ling Huo wanted was to destroy the Fearless Alliance!

Ling Huo’s eyes swept across the Fearless Alliance and chuckled lightly. “Where’s your President Bai? Bring me to your president.”

“F*ck it! We’re gonna wreck these b*stards!” Big Dipper shouted angrily all of a sudden.

Seven Star’s brows furrowed. They had no chance of winning…

“F*cking, are you all still members of the Fearless Alliance? The worst thing that could happen would be dying together! Who’s afraid of that son of a b*tch?!” Big Dipper continued when he was met with a lack of response.

The faces of the other higher-ups, including Third Elder, looked as dark as the bottom of a pan.

It wasn’t important if Ling Huo killed that woman! But he absolutely wouldn’t spare them after he killed her… In the end, wouldn’t they all perish?!

“Attack!” an elder hollered at the members of the Fearless Alliance.

Following the elder’s orders, dozens of people attacked at once and charged toward Ling Huo.

“Heh… Now you resemble the old Fearless Alliance…” The corner of Ling Huo’s turned up with an icy smile.




Ling Huo was so fast that he was like a shadow shooting through the air. Hit after hit was heard, and the members of the Fearless Alliance all flew backward like snipped kites one after another.

“Quick! Get up! Don’t be afraid… Attack! F*ck him… kick his balls! Poke his eyes out!” Big Dipper rattled off order after order from his position in the back.

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