Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1478 - A terrifying power

Chapter 1478: A terrifying power

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As the squad captain shouted furiously, he swiftly charged at the buzz-cut man and reached his side in moments.

Although this squad captain was extremely fast, the buzz-cut man merely stood unmoving in his spot, only his eyes shifting.


The buzz-cut man raised his right arm a little.

In the next second, the buzz-cut man grasped the squad captain by his throat and lifted him into the air.

The squad captain’s face swelled red, and his neck felt like a tiger’s mouth was latching onto it. He used all the strength he had but couldn’t wrestle free from the buzz-cut man’s grasp.


The sound of a person’s neck snapping resounded a second later.

Under everyone’s astonished gazes, the elite-member squad captain from the Fearless Alliance had his neck forcefully snapped broken by the buzz-cut man.


The buzz-cut man raised his right arm again and casually flung the squad captain’s corpse into the distance.


All the higher-ups of the Fearless Alliance present retreated subconsciously.

“Heh…” A chilling chuckle left the buzz-cut man’s mouth as a bloodthirsty craze surfaced in his eyes.

“Oh… the Fearless Alliance… what fond memories…” The buzz-cut man murmured, “I heard your president is back.”

No one dared to answer the buzz-cut man at all.

The Fearless Alliance and the Ironhead Gang were mortal enemies.

Before the Fearless Alliance was established, the Ironhead Gang was the king of this territory, and its position was akin to the Fearless Alliance’s at its peak. As for the buzz-cut man’s reputation in the Independent State, it was the same as Bai Feng’s back then.

However, Bai Feng later established the Fearless Alliance and became enemies with the Ironhead Gang. To win the dominion of this territory, these two factions also fought viciously against each other.

Later, the Ironhead Gang was defeated, and the buzz-cut man had Bai Feng to thank for the scar over his left eye.

“Ling Huo, what’re you doing?!” the silver-haired elderly man holding a crutch shouted severely.

The buzz-cut man walked to the elderly man with his hands in his pant pockets, and his tall and slender figure bent down slightly. “How about you take a guess…? If you’re right, you live; if you’re wrong, you die.”

“You…” The silver-haired elderly man was furious. Other people were scared of Ling Huo from the Ironhead Gang, but not him!

“Tsk tsk.” Ling Huo shook his head and grabbed the elderly man by the hair in front of the Fearless Alliance.

When the members of the Ironhead Gang brought by the buzz-cut man saw a higher-up from the Fearless Alliance humiliated like this, they burst into guffaws.

“If you were a few years younger, perhaps you’d have the right to speak to me. But you’re old and useless now,” Ling Huo said to the elderly man with a smile.

A bellow came from the silver-haired elderly man’s mouth, and he swiftly threw a punch at the buzz-cut man’s face.

*BANG!* Everyone watched as Ling Huo shifted slightly and casually evaded the silver-haired elderly man’s punch.

Before the silver-haired elderly man realized it, Ling Huo grabbed his right fist.

A second later, the elderly man’s face changed drastically as sweat dripped down his face. Soon, a heart-wrenching howl erupted from his mouth.

Li Si and the other elders were overwhelmed with shock.

Ling Huo actually forcefully crushed the silver-haired elderly man’s fist…

What kind of terrifying strength did he have…?!

Even President Fearless herself couldn’t do this back then!

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