Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1477 - Actually still alive

Chapter 1477: Actually still alive

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“I swear, it’s true! I’m not lying to you at all… You mustn’t be deceived by her looks!” Liang Lihua pulled up the album on her phone and opened Ye Wanwan’s senior high graduation photo before having a nearby middle-aged man hand it to Big Dipper and Seven Star.

After Seven Star and Big Dipper took the phone, they started examining the photos.

This assessment caused Big Dipper to furrow his brows slightly. This was a school called Qinghe Senior High in China, and the women in the graduation photo did look identical to Sis Feng.

“This is Sis Feng?” Big Dipper looked doubtful.

“What Sis Feng? I already told you, you’ve been deceived by her! Her name is Ye Wanwan!” Liang Lihua refuted.

“Hmph! This photo must’ve been photoshopped!” Big Dipper shouted furiously and ruthlessly slammed the phone onto the floor in front of everyone.

A “bang” resounded and the phone cracked into smithereens, thoroughly mashed.

Third Elder aloofly glanced at the shattered phone but didn’t care. He’d already copied that graduation photo, so he could just show Wen Ziran the photo when he asked.

“Big Dipper, the photos are real,” Seven Star said while looking at Big Dipper before Big Dipper could say anything else.

Big Dipper was surprised. The photo was real?

“You’re saying… Sis Feng ran to China to go to school after leaving the Independent State?” Big Dipper looked dumbfounded.

Seven Star didn’t say anything.

Back then, Seven Star was the one who believed in Ye Wanwan the least in the entire Fearless Alliance, but all of his suspicions gradually dissipated after interacting with Ye Wanwan. Now, this photo… and this witness… he couldn’t refute any of it…

However, before Seven Star could keep pondering over it, sounds of fighting and shouting were heard behind them.

Everyone reflexively turned around and looked behind them.

Experts from a different faction rushed into the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters like a flood. The leader was around 30 years old and had a buzz cut with an obvious knife scar over his left eye.

When Third Elder Li Si saw the buzz-cut man, he instinctively froze for a moment before disbelief and shock covered his face.

“How… could this be possible… Isn’t he… isn’t he… dead…?” Third Elder Li Si shuddered, color draining out of his face.

“It’s Ling Huo… from Ironhead Gang… You’re actually still alive…”

Countless higher-ups of the Fearless Alliance were astonished when they saw the newcomer. He was still alive? How was that possible?!


The leader, the buzzcut man, casually stuck his hands inside his pant pockets. He used one leg to kick an elite member of the Fearless Alliance aside and led his followers toward them with large strides.

No one in the Fearless Alliance expected the Ironhead Gang to truly be reborn from the ashes. What they found the hardest to accept was that Ling Huo didn’t die!

“It’s over…”

Li Si trembled. Ling Huo didn’t die…

As a higher-up from the Fearless Alliance looked at the buzz-cut man wearing a cruel smile, his complexion turned ashen and sweat soaked his clothes.

“Heh… Long time no see, everyone.” The buzz-cut man swept his eyes over everyone, a frightening glint surfacing in his eyes.

As the buzz-cut man spoke, the elite members of the Fearless Alliance rushed over in succession.

“Who are you?! How dare you trespass in our Fearless Alliance’s headquarters?!”

A squad captain in the Fearless Alliance saw all the higher-ups gathered there and naturally wanted to perform well in front of them.

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