Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1476 - Wrong focus point

Chapter 1476: Wrong focus point

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After Big Dipper said that, Liang Lihua rushed forward from the crowd and looked at Big Dipper and Seven Star. “That woman is lying to you!”

“Who are you? What nonsense are you farting in front of me?!” Big Dipper rolled up his sleeves and looked like he wanted to hit her.

However, before Big Dipper could do anything, someone protected Liang Lihua behind them.

As Ye Wanwan’s teacher from senior high, Liang Lihua was the most important witness. They were depending on Liang Lihua to testify against that woman, so how could they allow Big Dipper to beat this woman to death or allow an accident to happen to her?!

“Big Dipper, this is a witness I brought from China. She can prove that our current president is a fake,” Third Elder Li Si said indifferently.

Third Elder Li Si didn’t care about Big Dipper and Seven Star, but these two were part of Wen Ziran’s camp, and Wen Ziran had an extremely good relationship with Bai Feng.

Although Wen Ziran hadn’t returned from his mission yet, he knew that Bai Feng returned to the Fearless Alliance, so they couldn’t explain themselves to Wen Ziran if he came back and discovered Ye Wanwan had been sentenced to death already. Hence, they needed a witness like Liang Lihua to testify against Ye Wanwan.

“Alright!” Big Dipper nodded. “I won’t attack, but if this granny can’t prove herself, I’m going to beat her to death!”

Liang Lihua’s expression changed when she heard that. Just what kind of organization was the Fearless Alliance? How could they be so vicious and so keen on fighting and killing…

“I have proof!” Liang Lihua quickly told Big Dipper out of fright. “Little brother… let me tell you, you’ve been deceived by that little delinquent! She isn’t Bai Feng! Her name is Ye Wanwan, and she’s Chinese…”

“Her father was previously suspected of business fraud, and her elder brother is a local hoodlum. Not too long ago, her father and brother were imprisoned for charges of murder…

“That little delinquent is most talented in deceiving people. I’m her senior high teacher… She often deceived male classmates back in school and would con spending money from her male classmates. She’s also done street prostitution… There isn’t a single clean spot on her body…”

“However, I never expected Ye Wanwan to be so unnervingly gutsy and dare to pretend to be your leader… Even I, her teacher, can’t tolerate it anymore… She truly deserves to die!”

“You f*cking…” Big Dipper shouted as soon as Liang Lihua finished speaking.

His brain might be unresponsive often and he might not think through problems thoroughly, but how could Sis Feng be that kind of person?!

Ever since Sis Feng returned, she’d never faltered at any challenges and handled all the Fearless Alliance’s major and minor problems competently; even Third Elder and his cohort couldn’t do anything to her. Moreover, Sis Feng was able to skillfully and easily interact with giants like Lord Asura and Emperor Ji…

How could a normal woman from China take things so far?! Who were they kidding?!

In truth, Seven Star also didn’t believe it.

Seven Star had been watching everything Ye Wanwan had done since her return, and there wasn’t a single mistake. With Ye Wanwan’s capabilities, even if she wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance, she was still some formidable figure. Yet, Liang Lihua depicted her as a street prostitute and delinquent… What a laughing stock.

“With Sis Feng’s looks, you’re telling me she’s a street prostitute?! She’s at least a wealthy man’s mistress or something!” Big Dipper exclaimed.

Seven Star: “…” Isn’t Big Dipper focusing on the wrong point?

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