Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1475 - Who do you think you are?

Chapter 1475: Who do you think you are?

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With Ye Wanwan’s tolerance, it would be fine if she drank a little bit of weak alcohol. But she’d definitely get drunk without a doubt if she drank half a bottle in one breath, let alone hard liquor like this with a high alcohol content…

Ye Wanwan staggered a little and sat on the office chair, staring at the spiraling ceiling.

She remained cautious ever since she came to the Independent State, afraid she would take one wrong step, so she didn’t dare to drink too much alcohol and allow herself to be in a muddled state of mind.

Otherwise, if she said or did anything wrong while drunk, it could cost her her life.

Thankfully, Bro Flattop herself didn’t drink alcohol often, and there weren’t many occasions that required her to drink alcohol.

Who would’ve expected her to fall into Piece of Sh*t’s pit this time?

Outside the office, Big Dipper and Seven Star were casually conversing when they saw hundreds of senior-tier and middle-tier members surrounding them.

Seven Star looked at the crowd rushing toward them with furrowed brows, clueless about what had happened.

“What is it…” Big Dipper was bewildered by the aggressive people and walked forward immediately. “Hey hey hey, what are you doing? Why did so many of you run here? Don’t disturb Sis Feng from her rest!”


A middle-aged man first examined Big Dipper before snorting and saying, “Her rest isn’t urgent. In a few days, your Sis Feng can rest forever!”

Big Dipper was startled and looked baffled. He didn’t understand this middle-aged man’s words at all. What did he mean rest forever after today?!

“Is everyone here to see Sis Feng?” Seven Star asked.

“Move aside. It has nothing to do with you.” The middle-aged man snorted.

Seven Star understood the seriousness of the matter; he naturally knew about the Fearless Alliance’s internal affairs. Since everyone from all the camps was seeking out the president so aggressively… could it be that they could prove the president was a fake…?

“Should I move aside just ’cause you said so? I only listen to Sis Feng and Wen Ziran! Who do you think you are?!” Big Dipper chortled while staring at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man frowned, obvious fury surfacing in his eyes.

However, before the middle-aged man could say anything, he was interrupted by Third Elder Li Si.

“Seven Star, Big Dipper… I naturally know you two are loyal to the president… Loyalty is one thing, but don’t be too blindly loyal… Actually, you two can’t even be considered blindly loyal, right?” Third Elder Li Si said with a chuckle while looking at Seven Star and Big Dipper.

“What do you mean, Third Elder? Why must you beat around the bush? How about you talk frankly?” Seven Star asked.

Third Elder Li Si smiled and said, “Do you know the President Fearless you’re protecting isn’t the real Bai Feng? She’s a fake.”

“What did you say?!” Big Dipper’s expression changed instantly. “What right do you have to say Sis Feng is a fake?”

“That’s right…” Seven Star nodded. “Third Elder, even if you’re an elder of the Fearless Alliance, it’s not a small crime for you to recklessly claim someone is pretending to be the president without any genuine proof.”

“Proof?” the middle-aged man snorted. “Since we came here, we naturally have proof.”

“Proof…? Proof your mother’s a**! Show me your proof!” Big Dipper shouted.

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