Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1474 - It really was alcohol

Chapter 1474: It really was alcohol

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The person in the photo was their current President Fearless without a doubt…

“Check this photo’s authenticity!”

A middle-aged man had his subordinate copy the photo.

A moment later, the subordinate returned and said with a frown, “There isn’t any problem with the photo… It’s real…”

A commotion erupted in the room.

The elders of the different major camps all looked displeased. They didn’t expect Li Si to really be the one who found evidence in the end…

As for the higher-ups who supported Ye Wanwan, their faces were so dark that ink could drip. That woman… really was a fake!

“See! I was telling the truth! That Ye Wanwan is simply the disgrace of Qinghe High School…” Liang Lihua looked disgusted.

“That woman… actually dared to pretend to be the president!” The silver-haired elderly man with a crutch was gnashing his teeth. “Where is she? Is she back yet?!”

“She hasn’t returned yet…” a member of the Fearless Alliance answered.

“When she returns, don’t beat the grass and scare the snake! Lock down the entire Fearless Alliance!” The silver-haired elderly man snorted and slammed the door after him as he left.

Around that evening, Seven Star drove them back to the Fearless Alliance from the Yuan residence.

The group of three entered the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters.

After entering the building, Ye Wanwan looked a bit confused. There was something off about some of the members’ expressions.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t think too much of it.

Soon, Ye Wanwan entered the office.

“Sis Feng, Sis Feng, what are you planning to do about the love gu? Why aren’t you doing anything? This is related to your life!” Big Dipper was turning in circles from worry.

These past two days, Sis Feng acted like nothing was wrong and didn’t look worried at all! Seriously, the emperor’s not worried, but the eunuch’s worried to death!

Seven Star stood by the side, his face also brimming with worry. “I’ve already secretly sent people to look into a remedy for love gu, but the information I got says it’s incurable.”

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. “Enough, I have my own plans about remedying the gu. Leave for now. I want to rest a bit.”

These two days had nearly exhausted all her energy.

Aside from handling the aftermath of the Yuan family and reorganizing them, she also secretly contacted Liuying and ordered him to investigate traces of Si Yehan in both the ancient Si clan and China’s Si family.

Since that person insisted he wasn’t Si Yehan, then she would expose his lie one by one.

However, she would probably have to use the Martial Arts Conference in the near future to come into contact with the ancient Si clan.

Seven Star nodded and dragged the prattling Big Dipper out of the office.

After they left, Ye Wanwan sat in the chair behind the desk and closed her eyes to rest.

After the long journey, she felt rather thirsty, so she absentmindedly picked up a drink from the desk and drank it while thinking about recent events.

“Cough…” Ye Wanwan nearly spat out the rest of what she drank after taking a gulp.

This isn’t a freaking beverage! This is clearly hard liquor with a high alcohol content!

Ye Wanwan hastily picked up the bottle and carefully examined it. Isn’t this the liquor that Yi Shuihan gave me?

She thought it was a homemade beverage from Yi Shuihan like last time.

Who knew it would really be alcohol…

“D*mn you… Piece… of Sh*t…”

Ye Wanwan had swallowed it already so she couldn’t spit it back out in time. She wondered what kind of alcohol this was; it had a very fast and strong kick. She instantly felt her world spiral.

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