Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1473 - Do you have proof?

Chapter 1473: Do you have proof?

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Liang Lihua was as quiet as a cicada in winter when she saw these powerful figures. She didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

When had Liang Lihua ever seen such an imposing scene? Even movies weren’t so intimidating, let alone reality…

“Elderly man, you said you found proof… What kind of proof?” a silver-haired elderly man holding a crutch asked aloofly.

Although they knew that woman was a fake, no one wanted any other camp to find the evidence. Since Third Elder Li Si found the evidence, Li Si would ascend the throne as the president of the Fearless Alliance according to the rules they agreed upon earlier, and no one could have any objections.

“Heh… no need to be so anxious, everyone…” Third Elder Li Si chuckled lightly. “This is our President Fearless’ class teacher from when she went to senior high in China. How about you all direct your questions to her instead?”

When Li Si finished speaking, everyone present turned to Liang Lihua.

“Speak! What’s going on?!” the silver-haired elderly man shouted harshly while staring at Liang Lihua.

The imposing aura of a superior caused Liang Lihua to tremble fiercely. A mere look from the silver-haired elderly man caused sweat to drench Liang Lihua’s entire body.

However, she absolutely couldn’t panic in this kind of situation or else she might even lose her life…

These people didn’t look like law-abiding people in the slightest.

“Everyone… let me tell you, your current president is a fake! She’s not real at all!” Liang Lihua gathered her composure and tried her best to calm down before answering the elder.

Liang Lihua promptly continued, “Your current president’s real name is Ye Wanwan! She’s Chinese!”

A lot of higher-ups’ expressions shifted upon hearing that.

Not everyone in the Fearless Alliance suspected Ye Wanwan. Some of the higher-ups adamantly supported Ye Wanwan and believed Ye Wanwan was the real president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, like Autumn Water and Big Dipper.

However, after hearing Liang Lihua’s words today…

“Can you prove what you’re saying?!” an elderly man in a cyan shirt questioned with a dark expression.

“Of course I can prove it!” Liang Lihua nodded frantically. “I’m the class teacher of senior grade three at China’s Qinghe High School, and Ye Wanwan was one of my students back then… Let me tell you, Ye Wanwan is absolutely someone who would pretend to be your president!

“Ye Wanwan’s father is a gambling addict and owes a truckload of money to loan sharks while her elder brother is a complete hoodlum. Not too long ago, he was imprisoned for murder charges… Also, Ye Wanwan is nothing good either; she’s a slut and thief—a delinquent from head to toe. Perhaps she’s even a street prostitute…”

Several higher-ups furrowed their brows. They wanted proof, not this woman’s rubbish.

“I’m asking you… do you have proof?!” the elderly man asked coldly.

“Yes! I have proof!” Liang Lihua pulled out her phone immediately and opened an album before placing it on the conference table.

“Look, this is Ye Wanwan’s graduation photo from senior high! It hasn’t been photoshopped at all, so you can examine it however you want! Moreover, you can verify everything I said just now! I haven’t spoken a single false word!” Words rushed out of Liang Lihua’s mouth as she pointed out Ye Wanwan in the photo.

Everyone looked at the phone.

This photo caused the expressions of the higher-ups supporting Ye Wanwan to darken completely.

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