Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1472 - Need your help

Chapter 1472: Need your help

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Two days later:

After the group in China investigated every detail about Ye Wanwan, they brought a woman to the Independent State.

The woman appeared rather nervous inside the conference room and kept examining her surroundings.

“I heard you’re Ye Wanwan’s teacher?” Li Si asked the middle-aged woman.

“Yes… I have a student named Ye Wanwan… Who in the world are you? And where are we…” The woman looked frantic.

“Heh, don’t worry. Answer a few questions for me first. What’s your name?” Li Si asked.

The woman swallowed. She seemed to have realized these people weren’t good in any way and didn’t dare to conceal anything. She apprehensively answered, “My… my name is Liang Lihua.”

Liang Lihua was Ye Wanwan’s class teacher in senior high school. Two days ago, she was tailed for some reason and was knocked unconscious. Then she woke up here.

“Miss Liang, don’t worry…” Li Si said seemingly amiably. “We don’t want to make things difficult for you, but we need your help with something.”


“That’s right. The girl you call Ye Wanwan is currently in our organization and acting as our organization’s leader, but we suspect she’s a fake. We merely hope you can honestly tell us this Ye Wanwan’s real identity…” Li Si planned to use a soft approach first. If this woman didn’t cooperate, he naturally had hundreds of methods to deal with her.

Upon hearing the whole story, Liang Lihua was astonished. Wasn’t Ye Wanwan too gutsy? She actually dared to pretend to be the leader of a gang? Wasn’t she asking for death?!

This faction was obviously not a group to be trifled with, so how could a girl like Ye Wanwan who’d just started university be some leader of this kind of faction?

This d*mn girl, it’d be fine if she wanted to die herself, but she also dragged me down too…

Not long after Ye Wanwan graduated, her affair with one of the school leaders was exposed. They were so secretive about it, so how could anyone know about it?

She suspected it was probably this d*mn girl who told on them!

“Miss Liang, as long as you testify against her, I can guarantee your safety and escort you back to China after the conclusion of this matter. Additionally, I can allow you to live the rest of your life without worry for clothes and food,” Li Si benevolently proposed with a smile.

A sharp glint flashed through Liang Lihua’s eyes.

This Fearless Alliance didn’t have any animosities with her, so they probably wouldn’t do anything to her as long as she did as they said. She might even benefit from them…

After a moment of thought, Liang Lihua nodded without any hesitation and said, “Ye Wanwan wasn’t anything good back in school anyway. She always dressed outlandishly and was an incompetent student; she even seduced men everywhere she went at a young age… Now, she actually dared to pretend to be the leader of some gang. She’s truly a disgrace to our school… Don’t worry, as a teacher, I’ll definitely help you testify against her and expose her true, disgusting side!”

“Great, Miss Liang. We’re comforted by your words!” Li Si nodded with satisfaction. Then he turned to his underlings and said, “Inform all the elders and managers that I’ve found evidence proving that woman is a fake president!”

“Yes!” A young man nodded and turned to leave.

About half an hour later:

All the higher-ups rushed to the conference room after hearing Li Si’s news.

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