Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1471 - He’s rather cute

Chapter 1471: He’s rather cute

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Soon, several members of the Fearless Alliance dragged a man covered with cuts and bruises all over inside the room.

If Ye Wanwan was there, she would’ve definitely immediately recognized this man as Zhou Wu from the Zhou family.

Zhou Wu was deathly pale and covered in ghastly wounds.

“Qiuqiu… where…” Zhou Wu looked up and furiously glared at Third Elder Li Si. “Qiuqiu… is still… a child… what… do you want…?”

Li Si stood up and strode toward Zhou Wu. He chuckled lightly and said, “Zhou Wu, your child is fine… Don’t worry, as long as you honestly answer a few of my questions, this matter will pass!”

Zhou Wu looked up and glared at Li Si with clenched teeth. He refused to say anything even when he was interrogated by torture in the Fearless Alliance’s dungeon, so these monsters actually used Qiuqiu to threaten him…

“Zhou Wu, your Zhou family doesn’t have it easy. There’s no need to cause your Zhou family to be destroyed because of some irrelevant person… Also, although your son is a mute, I think he’s rather cute,” Li family said with a snort.

“What do you want to ask…” Zhou Wu trembled at the mention of Qiuqiu.

“Heh… based on what I know, President Fearless, Bai Feng, first showed up with the Zhou family… Also, I heard the president was pursued by the Martial Arts Union after coming to the Independent State because she didn’t have a permit. It was you who helped President Fearless evade the Martial Arts Union’s investigation team and brought her back to the Zhou residence. Am I right?” Li Si asked as his lips curled up.

“No… I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Zhou Wu tightly clenched his fists.

“Well… It’s fine if you don’t know. I’ll make you remember.” After Li Si said that, a muscled man entered the room.

The muscled man carried a terrified Qiuqiu toward the window, grabbed him by the neck and raised him outside the window.

“B*stard! You monsters!” Zhou Wu shouted furiously and struggled to stand up.


At that moment, Li Si punched Zhou Wu’s abdomen.

Zhou Wu’s face twisted as he weakly knelt on the ground and curled into a ball.

“Zhou Wu… don’t do things the hard way. I’ll give you one last chance. If you tell the truth, I’ll let you leave with mute and can guarantee the Zhou family’s safety. If you continue to refuse my generosity… you can prepare to collect your mute son’s corpse and the corpses of hundreds of members of the Zhou family,” Third Elder threatened with a chilly chuckle.

He then coldly shouted, “Who is our current President Fearless?! What’s her name, and where did she come from?!”

Zhou Wu’s red eyes turned to Qiuqiu. He shook his head and was forced to compromise. “She is… Ye Wanwan…”

When Zhou Wu spoke, Third Elder Li Si and the other two elderly men’s eyes brightened.

“Good, very well. Let me ask you, where did she come from?” Li Si asked.

“China…” Zhou Wu answered between gritted teeth.

“Are you telling the truth?” Li Si smiled faintly.

“It’s the truth…” Zhou Wu sighed.

Upon hearing everything he needed to know, Li Si waved his hand and had the muscled man pull Qiuqiu back before locking both Zhou Wu and Qiuqiu into the dungeon.

A moment later, Li Si dialed a number from China and had a group there help him investigate the matter.

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