Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1470 - Die for sure? Not necessarily.

Chapter 1470: Die for sure? Not necessarily.

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Big Dipper was bewildered by Autumn Water’s inquiries. “I’m innocent… I offered to sacrifice myself! But Sis Feng didn’t want me, alright…”

Autumn Water’s expression darkened. “Shut up!”

On the other side, Emperor Ji finished speaking to Elder Qi about some matter related to curing gu. “Everyone, don’t worry too much. Elder Qi will try his best to cure the love gu.”

Seven Star cupped his fists and said, “Thank you.”

Since Seven Star and Big Dipper were also there, Emperor Ji didn’t say anything more and nodded at Ye Wanwan before leaving with the white-haired elderly man.

As soon as Emperor Ji left, Big Dipper immediately approached Autumn Water and asked, “Autumn Water, how did you invite Emperor Ji here? Why is he helping us?”

After all, their Fearless Alliance had a grudge with Emperor Ji’s faction, so why was Emperor Ji helping them?

Autumn Water coughed lightly. “Emperor Ji owes Xiao Feng a favor from many years ago, so he’s just returning the favor this time.”

“Huh? Really? Why didn’t I know…” Big Dipper didn’t pursue the matter and became miserable. “Sis Feng, what… what should we do… are we really gonna die for sure this time…”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes turned to where Lord Asura left.

A moment later, she peered down at her arm. She could still feel the remnants of the man’s warmth from when he supported her.

Her eyes were obscurely dark as she nonchalantly said, “Die for sure? Not necessarily…”

At the same time, at the Fearless Alliance:

Inside the main hall, Third Elder Li Si’s expression was so dark that ink could drip from it. The elders next to him all looked furious.

News had come from the Yuan territory just now. They originally thought that woman was walking to her own death by going to the Yuan residence To their surprise, not only did she successfully kill the patriarch of the Yuan family, but she also consumed the entire Yuan family…

“That woman actually managed to dismantle the Yuan family…” an elder coldly said with a dark expression.

“I heard she hired mercenaries,” Third Elder Li Si interjected.

“Mercenaries?!” The other elderly men were taken back and looked surprised. One of them asked with a frown, “Mercenaries from where?”

“I heard they’re connected to the Nie family… Hmph, you should all know the strength of the Nie family’s eldest young master. Isn’t it a piece of cake for the people under him to annihilate people like the Yuan family…” Third Elder Li Si said.

“Soon, the people from Wen Ziran’s camp will return… We have to use this time well. If we don’t find proof showing that woman is pretending to be the president, we’re in deep trouble…” An elder gritted his teeth.

However, Third Elder Li Si merely smiled and languidly said, “Don’t worry. That woman will die when she returns.”

The other two elders were startled, not understanding him.

“Third Elder, what do you mean… If you haven’t found evidence that proves that woman is the fake president… you mustn’t act. Don’t forget the rules we established with the other camps…” said a white-haired elderly man with a frown.

“Since I said that, I’ve naturally found proof.” Third Elder Li Si smiled.

The white-haired elderly man was surprised. “Are you serious, Third Elder?!”

“Of course.” Third Elder Li Si called outside the door, “Bring him inside.”

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