Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1469 - A raging sea of jealousy

Chapter 1469: A raging sea of jealousy

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In truth, Big Dipper and Seven Star both thought it’d be easy on Sis Feng’s side, considering her unprincipled personality and existing covetous feelings for Lord Asura.

However, if they wanted Lord Asura to fall in love with Sis Feng and mate with her… it’d be the same as dreaming!

It would already be an accomplishment if Lord Asura didn’t destroy their Fearless Alliance in a fit of rage.

Big Dipper, Seven Star, and Autumn Water all turned ashen, especially when they noticed Lord Asura’s extremely dark expression.

Ah! She could’ve cast the gu onto anyone; why did it have to be Lord Asura?!

Ever since Si Yehan heard Ye Wanwan say she “already had someone she liked”, he felt like his heart had fallen into a bottomless icy pit and was drowning in bone-chilling water, numb from the cold.

Let’s not forget Emperor Ji’s tacit agreement after that…

The dangerous, threatening pressure around the man dropped down in an earth-shattering manner, stirring fear in people’s hearts and causing even Jiang Yan to shiver.

We’re doomed, we’re doomed!

We’re truly done for this time!

Autumn Water secretly sighed with regret. If only she brought Emperor Ji earlier, then everything would’ve been resolved and they would’ve relieved the poison at any moment. She was only a step late, but the matter devolved into this disaster!

Autumn Water had no choice but to hastily explain. “Your Highness the Lord Asura, my president was also a victim! It’s all because of Patriarch Yuan’s underhanded tactics! My president absolutely didn’t intentionally poison you with the gu. Please think about this matter justly…”

However, Autumn Water’s words didn’t ease the man’s expression at all; it worsened instead.

Lin Que felt his head pounding with a headache. Ah, sister, could your words be any more stinging and callous?

It’d be fine if that girl purposely poisoned him with gu…

The sentence “I already have someone I like” kept repeating in Si Yehan’s mind like a magic incantation, and he felt a thirst for blood—more intense than he’d ever felt before—storming rampantly inside of him, nearly ripping him apart.

He didn’t know how he repressed his desire to pull her into his arms, embrace her, kiss her, and meld her into his bones and blood…

The terrifyingly dangerous, tornado-like aura around the man abruptly dissipated, and he finally managed to forcefully repress his nearly uncontrollable emotions and walk away…

His rigid figure was cold like a man traversing through a wintry Arctic field all by himself…

“My… my Lord!” Jiang Yan reflexively called out after being startled briefly.

“Hmph! Fearless Alliance, my Asura absolutely won’t take everything that happened today lying down! Wish yourself good luck!” Jiang Yan had never seen his lord this enraged before, so he hastily followed his lord after Lord Asura threw these ruthless words at them.

Lin Que hesitantly glanced at Ye Wanwan. He originally wanted to say something, but there were too many people there, so it wasn’t suitable for further conversation. He was forced to swiftly chase after the rest of his group.

How miserable… Ninth Brother must be ready to erupt with rage…

That girl couldn’t really have fallen in love with someone else, right?

“Lord Asura… Lord Asura…” By the time Autumn Water chased after them to the door, they were gone.

A moment later, Autumn Water returned with a deathly pale complexion. “We’re probably screwed this time…”

It absolutely wasn’t a minor matter that President Fearless successfully conspired against Lord Asura!

Seven Star also looked abnormally serious. This not only concerned Sis Feng’s life; disaster was probably also imminent for the entire Fearless Alliance.

Big Dipper feebly said, “No way right… If Sis Feng really dies, Lord Asura also won’t survive…”

Autumn Water rolled her eyes at him. “We can only hope that Asura won’t find a remedy for the love gu… Big Dipper, what’s wrong with you?! I just left for a brief period; how did you watch over Xiao Feng? How could you allow this to happen?”

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