Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1468 - Naturally a great beauty

Chapter 1468: Naturally a great beauty

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The fake guard, Lin Que, walked over to smooth over the situation. “Hey, calm down, calm down. It’s not the time for an argument. We need to think of a solution. Otherwise, both President Bai and Lord Asura’s lives are at stake!”

Jiang Yan glared at Ye Wanwan viciously before half-kneeling in front of Si Yehan and said, “Don’t worry, my Lord, this subordinate will definitely find a remedy for the gu within three months.”

Ye Wanwan said with a grin, “Thanks for your trouble then, since this president has someone she likes already.”

“Already have someone you like? Who, who, who?!” Big Dipper inquired curiously.

When Autumn Water heard that, she heaved with relief. Thank goodness Xiao Feng said that or else how could she explain herself to Emperor Ji?!

This was seriously a thorny matter though. Xiao Feng liked Emperor Ji, and there was no way Lord Asura would fall in love with Xiao Feng, so how should they cure this love gu?

Ye Wanwan first glanced at Lord Asura imperceptibly before responding to Big Dipper, “The one I like is naturally a super great beauty! Moreover… He’s willing to do everything I wish and treats me gently in every way possible. He would never lie to me or betray me!”

Big Dipper was shocked. Earlier, she said she had to sleep with Lord Asura, but now she said she had someone she liked already! Just how brilliant was the person she liked?!

A thought suddenly struck Big Dipper and his head turned to Emperor Ji with a swish.

“Sh*t!” Big Dipper murmured, dumbstruck. “Sis Feng, the… the one you like… can’t possibly be Emperor Ji, right…?”

Emperor Ji had been rather close with their Fearless Alliance lately!

Big Dipper blurted it out without thinking and spoke rather loudly, so everyone heard him.

He didn’t know whether it was his imagination, but Lord Asura’s glance at him just now was terrifyingly cold.

As for Ji Xiuran… he wore a faint smile the whole time, and no one could discern any change in expression.

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper with a frown, reminding him to think before he spoke before turning to Emperor Ji and apologizing, “Emperor Ji, please don’t fault Big Dipper for having a slip of the tongue.”

Ji Xiuran smiled and nonchalantly said, “Why would I? It’d be my honor to be liked by President Bai.”

Seven Star: “…”

Big Dipper: “…!!!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Um… why do I suddenly feel a bit chilly…

Aside from Autumn Water who remained unsurprised, both Seven Star and Big Dipper jolted in fright when they heard that. However, they knew Emperor Ji’s personality and character, so he was probably speaking courteously and giving them face.

Emperor Ji wasn’t someone to be trifled with though. The ever-smiling Ji Xiuran wasn’t any less dangerous than Lord Asura.

Anyhow, regardless of who Sis Feng provoked out of these two, she would be seeking death either way.

“Elder Qi, do you have any remedy for the gu?” Emperor Ji asked the white-haired elderly man.

“Um… In truth, I’ve been researching remedies for love gu all these years… I did have some results… but I’ve never succeeded… Hence, currently speaking, if we want to relieve the gu in a short amount of time, I’m afraid… it’d be very difficult… The fastest and safest way is still…” Elder Qi sent Lord Asura a meaningful look.

Everyone turned to Lord Asura.

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