Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1459 - Invite him for sleeping

Chapter 1459: Invite him for sleeping

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Lin Que almost curled into a ball from the fright of seeing the crushed handle of the wooden chair.

He cautiously distanced himself from Si Yehan before comforting him. “Ninth… Ninth Brother, calm down… I’m not done yet…”

“This gu poison can’t be relieved by banging a random person! It must be with the man the victim likes or else it’s useless! So, aren’t you the only one who can relieve this gu poison, Ninth Brother?!”

However, Si Yehan’s expression didn’t improve at all after hearing that and darkened a few degrees instead.

Lin Que suddenly thought of something and murmured, aghast, “Sh*t! Wait… what if that girl falls in love with someone else…”

As soon as he said that, the handle under Si Yehan’s hand turned into complete smithereens.

“Jiang Yan, prepare the car.” The man abruptly stood up, a blizzard mixed in his low voice.

Jiang Yan was startled and promptly asked, “May this subordinate ask where my Lord is going?”

“The Yuan residence.”

Jiang Yan’s face filled with joy. “Yes, this subordinate will prepare the car immediately!”

That’s great! Lord Asura will finally attack the Fearless Alliance!

The Yuan family elder next to Jiang family was also incredibly excited. “Thank you, my lord, for standing up for my Yuan family! As long as my lord shows up, the Fearless Alliance will definitely become stricken with terror!”

He wondered what Lin Que told Lord Asura that caused him to fly into a terrible rage like this and personally seek out the Fearless Alliance.

Anyhow, the Fearless Alliance was going to die for sure!

Upon seeing this, Lin Que also panicked and rushed up. “Hey, wait for me! I’m also going, I’m also going! I can disguise myself! I absolutely won’t be discovered!”

Soon, a black car headed for the Yuan family headquarters occupied by the Fearless Alliance.

At the same time, at the Yuan residence:

Dark clouds covered Seven Star and Big Dipper’s faces.

Big Dipper gulped. “What… what should we do? Do we really have to go and abduct Lord Asura?”

Seven Star gave Big Dipper an unimpressed look. “You’ve gone mad.”

Big Dipper pursed his lips. “But Sis Feng specifically said she likes Lord Asura. What else can we do…”

Seven Star’s brows tightly burrowed together, and he thought about it for a moment before saying, “Continue to send people to choose some young men. If the main store doesn’t have any, go to the branches to get them. Pick some that… resemble Lord Asura’s looks and aura.”

“Please… Is someone with Lord Asura’s appearance and aura that easy to find?” Big Dipper was rendered speechless. “But we’ll try it as a last resort to fix this hopeless situation! There’s nothing else we can do! I’ll deal with it immediately!”

Big Dipper hastily relayed the order before looking at the time on his watch. “We don’t have much time left… We’ll probably have to make double preparations! We’ll need to find fresh meat! But we’ll also have to invite Lord Asura!”

Seven Star glanced at him like he was an idiot. “Invite? How are planning to invite him? And what will you tell him after inviting him here?”

“Ahem… I’ll say… say that the president wants to invite him for sleeping?”

Seven Star: “…”

“Ah! Who cares?! We’ll discuss it after I make a trip to Asura! With Sis Feng’s personality, if she takes a liking to someone, we can’t pull her back even with nine bulls! Of course, we might have some possibility of pulling her back if there’s someone better looking… but the problem is, where could we find someone prettier looking than Lord Asura…?”

While the duo anxiously racked their brains for a solution, a subordinate rushed inside in an utterly panicked manner. “Lord Seven! Lord Seven! Not good! We’re in big trouble!”

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