Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1460 - That scene was unimaginable

Chapter 1460: That scene was unimaginable

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“What are you making an uproar about?” Big Dipper irritably admonished.

What could be worse than Sis Feng’s current situation?!

The subordinate gasped for air as he pointed at the main entrance and reported, “Asura’s people are here!”

“What did you say?”

“The Yuan family and Asura’s people are on our doorstep! And Lord Asura also came here personally!” the subordinate replied, terrified.

Big Dipper and Seven Star met each other’s eyes in shock.

“D*mn…” Big Dipper never would’ve expected Lord Asura to come here.

“Lord Big, Lord Seven, it’s an important matter! Hurry and inform the president!” The subordinate wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Big Dipper was about to speak when Seven Star interrupted him, “No! We can’t allow Sis Feng to see Lord Asura!”

“Why?!” Big Dipper was anxious.

“With Sis Feng’s current situation, we can’t predict what she would do!” explained Seven Star.

Big Dipper nodded frantically. “That’s true… What if Sis Feng turns monstrous and does that to Lord Asura on the spot…”

That scene was simply unimaginable!

“Hold them off for now and carefully receive them in the living room! I’ll come soon!” Seven Star ordered the subordinate.

The subordinate nodded and quickly left.

Big Dipper was about to go insane. “Ahhh!!! Lord Asura actually came to visit personally! He doesn’t really want to destroy our Fearless Alliance, right?”

Seven Star rolled his eyes. “Now you know to be afraid. What were you doing earlier?”

He didn’t agree to attack before, but this guy kept urging Sis Feng to come.

Big Dipper grumbled, “How would I know it would turn out like this… Let’s hurry and figure out what we should do first…”

“First, we analyze the situation! Remember, we mustn’t let Sis Feng know Lord Asura is here!”

After a brief conversation, the duo headed for the living room in the front.

Lord Asura really did come personally, and there were a few elders from the Yuan family, Jiang family, and a guard-like man next to him.

“Welcome, Lord Asura! Pardon us for not going out to meet you!”

As soon as the elders from the Yuan family saw the two of them, they angrily glared at the duo. “How dare you act like the host?! This is our Yuan residence! Your Fearless Alliance came here to provoke us and killed our patriarch! You’ve gone too far!”

Seven Star’s gaze chilled. “Elder Li’s words are remiss. It was clearly your Yuan family who terrorized a branch of our Fearless Alliance first; our Fearless Alliance merely acted in self-defense! As for Patriarch Yuan’s death, it was completely unrelated to us! He wanted to poison us with gu but killed himself instead out of carelessness!”

When Si Yehan, who remained silent, heard the words “poison us with gu,” a cold glint flashed through his eyes.

“You’re spouting utter nonsense!” a Yuan family elder shouted furiously.

Seven Star’s expression didn’t shift at all. “Patriarch Yuan’s corpse is in the rear courtyard. You can examine him yourself.”

“He has only himself to thank for this!” Big Dipper interjected indignantly. Not only that, but he caused Sis Feng to be so miserable!

Jiang Yan coldly rebuked them. “Who do you think you are? How dare you stand here and speak to our esteemed Lord Asura? Where’s your president?! Tell her to come out already!”

Seven Star said, “Apologies, but the president is feeling unwell today. You can speak to me if needed.”

A Yuan family elder snorted. “Heh. Feeling unwell? I wager she’s probably terrified, so she’s hiding and is too scared to come out!”

Jiang Yan said next to Si Yehan’s years, “My Lord, it’s true that the Fearless Alliance killed the patriarch of the Yuan family. We must give them an explanation.”

Si Yehan quietly sat in his spot, his expression frighteningly chilly.

Lord Asura came to visit, but Ye Wanwan actually didn’t show up despite being the president of the Fearless Alliance.

Wanwan’s situation was probably trickier than Lin Que’s description…

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