Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1458 - Both roads lead to death!

Chapter 1458: Both roads lead to death!

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After Autumn Water heard that, she laughed and relaxed. Wasn’t that simple? She just had to call Emperor Ji here.

However, Emperor Ji and Xiao Feng’s relationship had to remain a secret, so she didn’t tell Seven Star and Big Dipper who he was. She just said, “I’ll find him now!”

Before Big Dipper could reiterate the rest of the story, Autumn Water had walked swiftly away.

“Eh… Who’s Autumn Water looking for… Does she know it’s Lord Asura who Sis Feng likes…”

Even now, Big Dipper’s legs and insides were trembling. He mumbled, “Lord Asura is impossible! Utterly impossible to obtain for the rest of her life! Unless Autumn Water can invite Emperor Ji… Perhaps there’s a tiny possibility of making Sis Feng fall in love with someone else…”

But how could that be possible?! He was simply dreaming!

These two bosses—both roads led to death!

At the same time, in a large hall located in the northern part of the Yuan territory:

The man sitting on the throne had a pair of bone-chilling eyes that struck fear into people.

“My lord, the Fearless Alliance attacked the Yuan family, and the Yuan family is currently asking for our assistance,” a white-haired elderly man said while bowing underneath the throne.

The Yuan family paid quite a large tribute to Asura every month, so they naturally received protection from Asura. Now, a faction was attacking the Yuan family; it was the same as mercilessly slapping Asura’s face.

A moment later, the man slowly stood up from his throne. His eyes, unfathomable like the stars, emitted an indescribable icy glint.

“No need to pay attention to them.”

The red-haired man standing to the side, Jiang Yan, shifted his expression and volunteered himself of his own accord, “My lord, you have to attend to thousands of affairs every day, so we shouldn’t trouble you with such a trivial matter. Please allow this subordinate to handle this matter! The Fearless Alliance has been acting increasingly arrogant these days; we absolutely can’t allow them to run rampant any longer!”

Even if Lord Asura found it beneath his dignity to attack the Fearless Alliance, they couldn’t allow continuous provocation from the Fearless Alliance to slide by like this.

Jiang Yan was about to continue persuading Lord Asura when Lin Que suddenly burst in like a gale of wind and rushed forward with a fiery expression. He covered Si Yehan’s ears and said, “Ninth Brother, Ninth Brother! I just heard a piece of shocking news!”

The man wore an indifferent expression, evidently uninterested in Lin Que’s gossip.

Lin Que turned urgent and hastily whispered, “After the Fearless Alliance took over the Yuan family’s headquarters, Big Dipper and Seven Star suddenly secretly searched for a bunch of young and handsome pretty boys and fresh meat and brought them into the Yuan residence…”

Si Yehan’s expression finally shifted minutely, and he spared Lin Que a glance.

Upon seeing this, Lin Que quickly continued, “To help you keep watch on that girl, I looked into it… Ninth Brother, do you know what I discovered? Ye Wanwan was accidentally poisoned by gu during the fight with the Yuan family!”

“What did you say?” Dark clouds instantly gathered on Si Yehan’s icy face.

However, what did Wanwan being poisoned have to do with her subordinates urgently scouting young men?

Lin Que cautiously observed Si Yehan’s expression as he said with trepidation, “According to a reliable news source, that gu poison is called mutually-in-love gu. The poisoned victim must… must mate with another man or woman to relieve the poison… Otherwise… their mouths and tongues would get ulcers and they’ll die by bleeding from all openings on their faces…”

When Lin Que finished speaking, Si Yehan’s eyes shattered like a mirror and lost all its calmness.

Lin Que didn’t dare to conceal anything and resumed. “While I was scouting for news, I also Autumn Water from the Fearless Alliance rushed out of the Yuan residence and seemed to be heading for… for Emperor Ji’s estate…”

A second later, a crisp snap and Lin Que watched blankly as the handle under Si Yehan’s hand was crushed… Crushed…!!!

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