Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1457 - There’s a knife above the character “Sex”

Chapter 1457: There’s a knife above the character “Sex”

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Big Dipper: “…”

Seven Star: “…”

Dead silence stifled the large room after Ye Wanwan said that; even the air seemed to stop flowing.

Seven Star was shocked out of his wits while Big Dipper sprained his ankle and slammed into a nearby cabinet with a “bang.” He grimaced in pain and looked like he’d seen a ghost. “F*ck me! Sis-sis Feng! Who did you say you like?”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes. “Lord Asura. What? Didn’t you say you were going to help me abduct him?”

Big Dipper wanted to bawl. “Sis Feng… Sis Feng, don’t be so suicidal… you actually want to sleep with Lord Asura… Are you f*cking seeking death?”

Last time, at Lord Asura’s conference, he was merely casually joking about whether Sis Feng had a thing with Lord Asura or not. How could he have known that Sis Feng seriously coveted someone like Lord Asura?

Seven Star’s face was also dark. He was thinking the same thing as Big Dipper on this rare occasion.

Ye Wanwan nonchalantly glanced at Big Dipper from the corners of her eyes. “What? Why can’t I sleep with Lord Asura?”

Perhaps… she’d already slept with him!

A glint flickered in Ye Wanwan’s eyes as she recalled every detail of her meeting with Lord Asura. Although everything was flawless…

She decided to bet—bet that her instincts were right!

She didn’t have a plan to head to the ancient Si clan and scout for information yet. Moreover, her current situation didn’t give her any other choice, so why didn’t she take a gamble?

“Big Dipper, help me invite Lord Asura here,” Ye Wanwan ordered decisively.

Big Dipper desperately wanted to give Ye Wanwan a kowtow! “Sis Feng! Calm down! There’s a knife above the character ‘Sex’!”

Although he always knew Sis Feng had a facial complex and liked good-looking people, he didn’t expect her to be driven by her thirst to this extent!

“Stop blabbering! Do what I say. I naturally have my own reasons!” Ye Wanwan snapped.

“What reason could you have…”

*Other than being blinded by your horniness… *

As Big Dipper roasted her, he was kicked out by her.

Big Dipper and Seven Star had no choice but to leave the room with increasingly dark expressions.

“This is gonna cost us our lives…” Big Dipper sighed in despair. “Ah, Seven Star, do you still suspect Sis Feng of being a fake?”

“…” Seven Star hesitated for a long while before choosing silence.

Based on his expression, he probably believed 99% that the woman inside was Bai Feng.

After all… they definitely couldn’t find a second person in the Independent State who had such a gutsy personality and thirst for good looks…

As they conversed, Autumn Water rushed over.

When Autumn Water saw their shaken appearances, she asked with a frown, “Seven Star, Big Dipper, what happened? Why do you look like this? Isn’t the Yuan family taken care of?”

She just received news that Patriarch Yuan died and the Yuan family devolved into chaos after turning leaderless, so Seven Star took advantage of the situation and seized their headquarters.

Big Dipper looked miserable and hastily explained everything to Autumn Water. “The Yuan family is taken care of, but something happened to Sis Feng!”

“Xiao Feng? What happened to Xiao Feng? Did she get injured?” Autumn Water looked worried.

“No… she was poisoned by gu… Old geezer Yuan wanted to drag someone down before he died, so Sis Feng was caught off guard and poisoned!”

“What kind of gu? Is it serious?” Autumn Water pressed swiftly.

“It’s called mutually-in-love gu or something. She has to sleep with someone she likes to cure the gu…” Big Dipper explained the situation briefly.

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