Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1456 - Who said the one I like is Emperor Ji?

Chapter 1456: Who said the one I like is Emperor Ji?

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Big Dipper looked miserable. “Sis Feng, I think they’re quite decent already! How about you put up with them for your life?”

Ye Wanwan was suffering terribly and her whole body was enveloped in a turmoil. When she heard that, she brusquely snapped, “Do them yourself if you think they’re good!”

Big Dipper choked. He hastily waved his hand to tell the manager to take everyone away upon seeing Ye Wanwan getting angry.

After everyone left, Big Dipper was distraught with frustration at Ye Wanwan’s increasing torment. “Ah, Sis Feng, if you really don’t like those people, how about… I sacrifice myself?”

“…” Ye Wanwan nearly spat out blood from this idiot. “Scram!!!”

“Alright!” Big Dipper briskly bowed and slipped outside in fright, closing the door with a swish.

Outside the door, Big Dipper and Seven Star started conversing in anguish.

“What should we do? Sis Feng doesn’t like a single one of them? Sis Feng even dislikes someone with my looks! What in the world does she want?” Big Dipper sighed in despair.

Seven Star solemnly said, “We still have time, so tell them to keep looking and call over all the good-looking men in the alliance!”

“We have no other choice. There has to be one that Sis Feng will take a liking to…”

Seven Star and Big Dipper diverged into two directions and secretly summoned two batches of decent looking men to the Yuan residence.

In the end, Ye Wanwan still didn’t take a liking to a single one of them.

Big Dipper had a pounding headache. “Can’t we just randomly pick one? There isn’t much time left! If we keep delaying it, Sis Feng will seriously die!”

Seven Star said gravely, “We can’t. As that person said, this gu is called the mutually-in-love gu, so it was to be a man that Sis Feng likes. Otherwise, the result will be the same.”

She would die of bleeding from all crevices.

“D*mn! Why’s this so troublesome?!” Big Dipper raced toward Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, just what kind do you like?! Tell me something specific!”

Ye Wanwan’s vision was turning increasingly blurry, and she was slowly losing control of her consciousness. There was only one face dominating every scene in her mind…

Heh, I didn’t expect to die from such an absurd cause before I found who I’m looking for… before I uncovered the whole truth…

Big Dipper thought of something, and his expression shifted. He exclaimed, “Sh*t… Say, Sis Feng, you didn’t take a liking to Emperor Ji, right… This… this is very difficult… I don’t think I can do it… Emperor Ji is famous for being unattracted to women… It’d be very difficult for you to bang him!”

Big Dipper recalled how Ye Wanwan said “At least someone on Emperor Ji’s level” back in the nightclub last time and was shocked out of his mind.

Even Seven Star’s expression darkened. It truly wasn’t possible if it was Emperor Ji.

There were countless women who coveted Emperor Ji in the Independent State, but not many actually dared to go after him.

Ye Wanwan stepped on a chair with one foot and picked up the chilled tea on the table before splashing it on her face.

After her mind cleared slightly, she glanced at the two of them and asked with raised brows, “Who said the one I like is Emperor Ji?”

Big Dipper instantly clutched his chest and relaxed. “That’s great, that’s great! It’s great it’s not Emperor Ji! It’s great! Who is it? A word from you, Sis Feng, and I’ll definitely abduct that person for you!”

Seven Star also nodded. “Who do you want, Sis Feng?”

There weren’t many people in the Independent State they couldn’t get if the president of the Fearless Alliance wanted them. It would be fine even if they forcefully abducted them.

Ye Wanwan looked down before glancing at Big Dipper and Seven Star. She casually tossed the teapot in her hand to the side and aloofly replied, “Lord Asura.”

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