Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1455 - You’re about to die, so why are you still being picky?

Chapter 1455: You’re about to die, so why are you still being picky?

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Spray of Flowers answered earnestly, “My husband said this gu is a defective failure, so even he can’t resolve it. This is the only method.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Doesn’t that mean I’m dead for sure?

Unless I can find Si Yehan within 12 hours…

Ye Wanwan relaxed slightly as she thought about that.

Although everything proved Si Yehan masked her memory and he stripped her of her freedom, she subconsciously knew the only person she would choose was still him…

If she really had to randomly find someone to remedy her poison, she’d face death without a doubt based on the rule that she had to do it with someone she liked.

“Isn’t that easy?!” Big Dipper clapped his chest and confidently said, “Sis Feng, what kind do you like? I’ll find them for you… Do you like seductively beautiful men, mature uncles, wolfdog types, or fresh meat?”

Ye Wanwan, whose consciousness was gradually turning hazy, darkly glanced at Big Dipper for mentioning the topic she wanted to avoid.

“You don’t like any of them?” Big Dipper scratched his head and mumbled, “Sis Feng, you’re about to die, why are you still being picky…? Forget it, I’ll definitely find you whatever type you like…”

Upon receiving a lack of response from Ye Wanwan, Big Dipper briskly decided to make a judgment himself and immediately ordered people to start looking for men.

“Hehe, since you’re fine, we’ll leave now. Boss Bai, hurry and find someone to remove the gu. Also, remember to send the money to our captain’s account, okay?” Spray of Flowers said cheerfully.

Ye Wanwan was suffering so much that cold sweat drenched her forehead. Send money your a**!!!

Fine? This is called fine?! Are there worse troublemakers than them?

They actually left just like that!

Soon after the four of them left, Seven Star swiftly ordered his people to seize control of the Yuan residence and dispersed unnecessary personnel.

A moment later, a subordinate under Big Dipper’s orders brought a dozen or so men into the study.

Amongst these dozen or so men, there was the refined and gentle type, the abstinent and cold type, and the energetic and cute type. Every man had a different aura and style; their only commonality was their outstanding looks.

The leading man, who resembled a manager, said ingratiatingly, “Lord Big, I’ve brought all the people you wanted. What do you think? They’re the most outstanding men in our store! I guarantee you’ll be satisfied!”

Big Dipper examined the men and nodded while rubbing his chin. He led them to Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, take a look! We can keep whoever you like!”

Seven Star glanced at the dozen or so men and furrowed his brows minutely but didn’t say anything.

When these men discovered they were coming to see President Fearless this time, they were all terrified out of their minds and thought they were going to die for sure. However, when they saw the girl in front of them whose fair face was paired with shimmering eyes, their eyes brightened.

They didn’t expect the infamous Bro Flattop to be such a beauty.

The effect inside Ye Wanwan’s body grew more intense; she felt like her bones were being gnawed on by thousands of insects and ants. As she panted rapidly, her eyes severely swept over those men. “Eyesores…”

The manager shuddered in fright. “Spare us, President! These are truly top quality goods from our store! We absolutely wouldn’t dare to deceive you…”

Aren’t Bro Flattop’s standards too high?

She thinks they’re still eyesores, considering their looks and quality?

What kind of celestial immortal does she want?

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