Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1454 - It has to be with someone I like

Chapter 1454: It has to be with someone I like

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When Big Dipper and Seven Star charged into the study and saw Ye Wanwan looking like that, they were shocked.

“Sis Feng… what happened to you? Sis Feng, don’t scare me…” Big Dipper cried out with a panicked expression as he stared at Ye Wanwan.

“D*mn… Don’t tell me Boss Famous was freaking poisoned by the mutually-in-love gu…!” Taoist Devotee exclaimed, dumbfounded as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

Iceberg Man nodded, providing affirmation.

“It really was mutually-in-love gu…” Spray of Flowers clicked his tongue.

Anxiety flickered through Seven Star’s face as he hastily asked, “What’s mutually-in-love gu?”

Ye Wanwan touched the itchy spot on her body and looked at Spray of Flowers too. “Mutually in love…?”

Why did I freaking get shot even though I was lying down…?

Who would’ve expected this trouble to arise when everything was wrapping up?

However, this gu poison’s name sounded rather romantic. It couldn’t be some fatal gu, right…?

“Ahem, well, the mutually-in-love gu… its victims have to do… those shy things with the person they like… Otherwise… they’ll die! And they’ll die very miserably! Blood flowing out of all their crevices, ulcers covering their mouths—they’ll have a tragic death!” Taoist Devotee explained.

“Doing shy things with the person they like?” Big Dipper looked perplexed. “What are shy things?”

When Big Dipper said that, the five other people, including Seven Star, all looked at him like he was an idiot.

“It is… the crucial step before your dad and mom produce you… Do you understand now…?” Brick-moving Foreigner explained in a friendly manner.

Big Dipper nodded, finally understanding the meaning of “shy things.” However… why did this explanation sound so unsatisfying…?

“It can be resolved as long as she… does… does that thing?” Seven Star looked a bit awkward as he asked with a light cough.

“In theory, that’s the antidote to this gu.” Spray of Flowers shrugged with a nod. “So this gu isn’t considered some fatal gu and is fairly easy to counteract. Don’t worry!”

Ye Wanwan wore a complicated expression. “Wait, you said it has to be done with someone I like to counteract the gu?”

Spray of Flowers nodded. “That’s right. You can take care of it through a bang with someone you like! So this gu poison is utterly useless!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Ye Wanwan wanted to choke Spray of Flowers to death as she listened to his relaxed tone.

F*ck! The one I like… I have no idea where the one I like is?! Who should I get to relieve the poison?!

Isn’t this telling me to wait for death?

Ye Wanwan forcefully endured the increasingly intense itching inside of her and took a deep breath before asking, “Is there a time limit?”

Spray of Flowers rubbed his chin and answered, “12 hours. It should be enough for you to find dozens of people.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

12 hours…

Ye Wanwan looked at Iceberg Man, annoyed. “Can I… freaking ask… Knight-errant, why did you create such an odd gu poison? Is there a meaning behind it?”

Iceberg man: “…”

Spray of Flowers giggled. “My husband said this mutually-in-love gu is a mutation of the love gu. It can be considered a research failure and defective product of the love gu…”

So what’s the love gu?

But Ye Wanwan wasn’t in the mood to ask. She urgently pressed, “Is there another method besides the solution you mentioned? Since he’s the one who made the poison, he must have a way to relieve it, right?”

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