Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1446 - Let’s fight if we must!

Chapter 1446: Let’s fight if we must!

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Everyone relaxed when they heard Ye Wanwan’s words. Gu had always been mysterious to people, and anyone would fear the unknown.

Ye Wanwan soon led everyone to retreat dozen or so kilometers back—the location of the branch that was destroyed by the Yuan family.

The branch here was the Wu family, a family that had pledged allegiance to the Fearless Alliance for seven or eight years already and had decent power in the northern district. However, they had a conflict of interest with the Yuan family, and the Yuan family relied on the fact that they had Asura’s backing, thus destroying the Wu family.

The place ahead of them was a ruined courtyard.

The patriarch of the Wu family was about 50 or so years old. The current state of the estate was no match for its previous splendor.

Hundreds of members of the Wu family were either dead or injured, and Patriarch Wu’s eldest son died in battle.

Currently, Patriarch Wu was sitting in the main hall, his hair grizzled and his eyes brimming with sorrow.

“Patriarch, let’s go… Otherwise, when the Yuan family launches the second round of attacks…” a young man standing next to Patriarch Wu persuaded.

“I’ve lived here for decades. I won’t abandon it,” Patriarch Wu said.

The young man sighed softly. He was originally hoping for the Fearless Alliance to stick up for the Wu family, but it looked impossible now.

The Fearless Alliance’s headquarters was rather far from here, and the Yuan family had Asura’s backing, so why would the Fearless Alliance stick up for the mere Wu family?

“Patriarch… Could it be that you’re still hoping for the Fearless Alliance to come…?” The young man sighed again.

Before Patriarch Wu could reply, mocking shouts and curses were heard outside the door.

The young man’s face shifted drastically, and he hastily looked outside.

“Patriarch, an elder from the Yuan family is here with people!” The young man looked panicked.

The Wu family was nearly exhausted of all fighting power and had more than 200 people gravely injured who were being treated right now… This time…

Patriarch Wu snorted and drew a long saber before striding outside.

Outside, Elder Yuan was standing at the head of a group of elites from the Yuan family. When he saw Patriarch Wu coming out of the room by himself, he broke into loud guffaws. “Old thing, you actually didn’t run… What a backbone you have; you’re really facing death head-on.”

Patriarch Wu’s expression chilled. “Let’s fight if we must! Why must we waste our words here?!”

“Hahaha, old thing, you can’t possibly still be wishfully dreaming of the Fearless Alliance to come and save you, right? It’s time for you to wake up.” Elder Yuan snorted and sent his subordinates a look. “Kill! Don’t spare a single person!”

Dozens of elites from the Yuan family immediately charged toward Patriarch Wu.

Patriarch Wu merely raised his sword and went on the offensive instead of retreating. There wasn’t a trace of fear in his eyes.

Every place the long saber reached, a fresh life from the Yuan family was sliced away.

However, since the beginning of time, two fists couldn’t defeat four hands, especially since Patriarch Wu was old in years already.

Moments later, Patriarch Wu was a bit exhausted already and had obtained a few wounds on his body.


Elder Yuan sent Patriarch Wu crashing to the ground with a kick.

“Hahaha, old thing, give up already! There’s no way the Fearless Alliance would care about ants like you!” Elder Yuan was vibrating with arrogance and darkly proclaimed, “Even if the Fearless Alliance came here, they’d merely die in our hands!”

Just as Elder Yuan finished speaking, a bone-chilling chuckle was heard from behind him. “Your Yuan family is rather gutsy. We’d die in your hands, huh?”

Dozens of Fearless Alliance members rushed into the courtyard.

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