Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1447 - Attack already

Chapter 1447: Attack already

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Elder Yuan was startled when he saw the leading Seven Star and Big Dipper while disbelief surfaced in Patriarch Wu’s eyes.

“Lord Seven… Lord Big!” Patriarch Wu was astonished. The Fearless Alliance really came…?!

He knew the Fearless Alliance absolutely wouldn’t abandon the Wu family!

“Big Dipper?! Seven Star?!” Elder Yuan stared at Big Dipper and Seven Star with his brows knitted close together. These two people weren’t easy to handle…

Elder Yuan never expected the Fearless Alliance to really come to the northern district and stick up for the Wu family.

Seven Star and Big Dipper didn’t speak and merely receded to the side. A woman in tight-fitting black clothes stood behind them.

The woman was stunningly beautiful and wore a faint, nonchalant smile on her lips.

Elder Yuan was further mystified when he saw the woman in black. Judging from Seven Star and Big Dipper’s expressions, could it be that this woman had a higher position than them in the Fearless Alliance?

Patriarch Wu was also puzzled. The fact that Seven Star and Big Dipper would come to the Wu estate and back up the Wu family was incredulous already, but did this woman have a higher position than Big Dipper and Seven Star in the Fearless Alliance? How could that be possible…

“May I ask what your identity and level are in the Fearless Alliance, esteemed miss…? Patriarch Wu asked Ye Wanwan with caution on his face.

Big Dipper pursed his lips and turned to Patriarch Wu. “She’s special level.”

Special level?!

Patriarch Wu and the people from the Yuan family were all taken back.

Special level in the Fearless Alliance… Special level was mightier than the heavens… The only one who could be considered as special level in the entire Fearless Alliance was…

The president of the Fearless Alliance—Bro Flattop?!

Patriarch Wu and the young man next to him both shuddered and stared at Ye Wanwan with disbelief.

“P-pre-president… Fearless!!!”

The youth next to Patriarch Wu was overwhelmed with shock.

“How could this be… You’re P-president Bai?!” Patriarch Wu couldn’t be any more shocked.

“It’s improper to shout like this in front of the president!” Big Dipper rebuked.

When Patriarch Wu heard Big Dipper personally reveal the woman in black before him was Bro Flattop, he was stunned in place.

Elder Yuan and the elites from the Yuan family were also incredulous. How could this be possible?! Bro Flattop, the president of the Fearless Alliance, appeared in person for the mere Wu family?!

“President… The Yuan family… is bullying our Wu family because we don’t have anyone!” Patriarch Wu accused as he knelt in front of Ye Wanwan and pointed at Elder Yuan and his group.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes swept over the Yuan family, and she coldly said, “A blood debt will be paid by blood.”

As Ye Wanwan’s last word dropped, Seven Star and Big Dipper lunged toward Elder Yuan while the remaining elite members of the Fearless Alliance all charged toward the people from the Yuan family.

Although Elder Yuan was strong, he was no match for Seven Star and Big Dipper on their own, let alone a team-up between Big Dipper and Seven Star.

A few breaths later, the estate erupted into chaos, the endless sounds of fighting and shouting traveling to any listener’s ears. Patriarch Wu also picked up his long saber again and joined the fight.

“Attack already!” Ye Wanwan turned to Taoist Devotee and Brick-Moving Foreigner, who were standing next to her like an emperor’s father. She was dumbfounded. What were these two idiots doing?

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