Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1445 - Retreat for now

Chapter 1445: Retreat for now

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Ye Wanwan reflexively wanted to scratch her neck, but Taoist Devotee’s expression shifted and he shouted, “Don’t move!”

As fast as lightning, Taoist Devotee flicked his finger and flung away the tiny scorpion-like insect that was tightly latching onto Ye Wanwan’s neck.

“This is a gu insect…” Brick-moving Foreigner looked astonished.

There were people who were well-versed in the gu-poison practice in the Independent State, but practitioners who had such mastery…

“Gu insect…” Ye Wanwan was shocked and incredulous.

Could it be that gu really existed in this world?

Ye Wanwan sent Taoist Devotee a look with her eyes and led Taoist Devotee into her car.

“What is it, Boss Famous?” Taoist Devotee looked perplexed.

“What’s the deal with gu poison? Don’t tell me it really exists!” Ye Wanwan was brimming with curiosity.

Taoist Devotee nodded confidently. “Boss Famous, it exists of course, but you might not know about it.”

The color drained out of Ye Wanwan’s face with a swish. Something so mystical really existed? She was a young person living in the 21st century who believed in the philosophy of materialism!

“Boss Famous should know about the Miao tribe, right?” Taoist Devotee asked.

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Who doesn’t know about them? But didn’t the Miao tribe open up to the public? We can even travel there and sightsee now! There isn’t anything about the gu technique there!”

“Boss Famous, you only know part of it. You don’t know the rest.” Taoist Devotee looked at Ye Wanwan and solemnly said, “The Miao tribe is divided into Red Miao, White Miao, Cyan Miao, Flower Miao, and Blue Miao branches. Those branches are open to the public nowadays. There’s still one branch of the Miao tribe that’s the most mysterious branch; they’re the gu Miao…”

“The gu Miao?” Ye Wanwan was taken back.

“That’s right.” Taoist Devotee nodded and said, “The gu Miao is the most mysterious and they’re experts in the gu technique. The only ones who know the gu technique in the entire Miao tribe are the members of the gu Miao branch.”

“Is there a scientific basis for this…?” Ye Wanwan didn’t believe in the supernatural so easily.

“Em… It’s hard to say. The gu Miao branch isn’t open to the public and lives completely secluded from the world; you couldn’t research them even if you wanted to,” Taoist Devotee explained.

“You’re joking, right… How about nurturing imps…? Are they real too?” Ye Wanwan had a deep frown.

“Now that’s an exaggeration. Those kinds of gu are legends and unrealistic. Gu really exists, but nurturing imps are all rubbish.” Taoist Devotee shook his head.

Ye Wanwan heard about the gu Miao while she was in China. People said the gu Miao lived a life that was completely secluded from the world, not participating in the outside world at all, and they were masters of the gu technique.

Ye Wanwan never took them seriously when she read about this, but she didn’t expect something like gu to really exist in this world.

She was stunned especially since she witnessed it for herself today.

Based on what Taoist Devotee said, gu wasn’t a supernatural far-fetched tale; it truly existed. However, the world was too large and the gu Miao branch was secluded from the world, so many people never came into contact with it. Plus, it sounded extremely mystical, so who would believe it? However, this kind of thing really existed.

For example, the medical practices of Miao medicine and Zang medicine were extremely unique and most people couldn’t understand it, but they were oddly effective.

“Is there a way to ward off gu insects?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Taoist Devotee thought about it before promptly shaking his head. He only had surface knowledge about the gu poison and didn’t have a thorough understanding of it.

It was Dead Man who was more familiar with this subject…

Soon, Ye Wanwan exited the car and turned to the members of the Fearless Alliance, ordering, “There are gu insects here. Let’s retreat for now.”

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