Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1444 - Is there really something like that?

Chapter 1444: Is there really something like that?

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“So what? Boss Famous has even led us to pretend to be the Rose of Death,” Taoist Devotee interjected.

Carefully thinking about it, that was true.

They didn’t expect Boss Famous to have this kind of special ability and have the guts to masquerade as anyone!

After some casual conversation, Ye Wanwan drove them toward the northern district.

It wasn’t until nightfall that they reached the northern district of the Independent State.

Different from Yun City, the northern district was considered the countryside and it wasn’t an overstatement to say this place was nearly devoid of humans.

Big Dipper and Seven Star were waiting for Ye Wanwan already. When they saw Ye Wanwan getting out of the car, they walked toward her.

Taoist Devotee chuckled awkwardly and said, “Boss… Um, President Bai, it’s not good to come here on a quest for revenge with just this handful of people, right…”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Taoist Devotee. “If I brought enough people, why would I need you here?”

Taoist Devotee was startled. That’s… true.

“Sis Feng, who are these two?” Seven Star asked with a furrow of his brows while examining Taoist Devotee and Brick-Moving Foreigner.

“Friends,” Ye Wanwan replied.

The mercenaries under Nameless Nie rarely appeared in the Independent State unless they were on a mission. Plus, they were usually very secretive, so most people didn’t know their identities.

The first rule of a mercenary was to conceal their own identity well. If they couldn’t even conceal their identity, how were they qualified to be a mercenary and accept any missions?

Taoist Devotee and Brick-moving Foreigner were particularly unknown.

“What’s the situation?” Ye Wanwan asked Seven Star and Big Dipper.

“Sis Feng, it doesn’t look good…” Big Dipper looked very solemn as he walked toward Ye Wanwan and explained the current situation to her. “The subordinate faction under Asura is the Yuan family… The Yuan family’s headquarters is a dozen or so kilometers from our current location… But they seem to have detected us ahead of time and nearly 20 brothers are seriously injured…”

Several members of the Fearless Alliance collapsed onto the ground just as Big Dipper finished speaking, and waves of laments and moaning left their mouths, as though they were suffering from intense pain.

As Ye Wanwan looked at the fallen people, she looked calm on the surface, but she was incredibly shaken on the inside.

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, blood started pouring out of these people’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouths. She could even see long, snow-white worms wiggling.

“Gu poison 1 !” Big Dipper shouted, his expression changing drastically.

“Gu poison?” Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched slightly. Gu poison? Why don’t you say you’re ambushed by Iron Man, Spiderman, or Batman?!

“It’s gu-poison indeed.”

Taoist Devotee and Brick-moving Foreigner turned to each other in astonishment. The Yuan family also knew about gu-poison?!

On their team, the only one with a mastery in gu-poison was Dead Man…

But Dead Man wasn’t there right now.

“If it’s truly gu-poison, it’s a bit tricky…” Taoist Devotee said.

Ye Wanwan was startled when she saw Taoist Devotee’s reaction. Could it be that gu-poison really existed in this world?

Ye Wanwan originally wanted to help the Fearless Alliance members up but was pulled back by Taoist Devotee. He shook his head at her.

Soon, the sound of howling disappeared and the Fearless Alliance members turned ghastly pale and reached the end of their lives.

This scene caused Ye Wanwan’s mind to turn into an utter mess.

She’d never seen such an incredulous scene in her whole life!

Ye Wanwan was about to speak when she felt a weird itching on her neck, as though ants were crawling over her skin.

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