Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1440 - Don't be a coward and just do it

Chapter 1440: Don’t be a coward and just do it

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Ye Wanwan looked at Seven Star. “What do you think, Seven Star?”

“Don’t fight them.” Seven Star calmly said, “The faction subordinate to Asura isn’t weak and has a decent relationship with Asura. I’ve even heard they have some connections to Lord Asura himself. If we do retaliate, Asura will definitely act as well, and we’ll be in a very dangerous situation. Giving up a branch is no big deal.”

Ye Wanwan nodded lightly after Seven Star finished speaking. She swept her eyes over everyone and announced, “Gather the members immediately. I’ll personally lead the group to eliminate that faction under Asura!”

Silence descended on the conference room. Aside from Big Dipper, everyone else stared at Ye Wanwan in astonishment, and Seven Star had a deep frown on his face.

Even the higher-ups who clamored to seek revenge reacted the same way.

Who didn’t know how to boast impressively? However, it was an entirely different matter if they seriously had to act.

“President, utter nonsense! What should we do if Asura attacks?!” A higher-up looked at Ye Wanwan, all worked up.

“That’s right. In consideration of the Fearless Alliance’s strength and how the northern district is fairly close to us, it’s truly disadvantageous for us to attack on a large scale. You must reconsider carefully, President. Don’t indulge in momentary gratification…”

Various higher-ups all inputted their opinions and thought Ye Wanwan knew jack sh*t and was playing with the Fearless Alliance’s future.

“What?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “I heard how intense your argument was earlier and a lot of people cried for revenge and a fight. Yet, you’re all opposing me now? It’s easy for you to just open your mouth and ask for revenge, right? But you’re all cowards like old dogs when it comes to actually doing anything!”

Many of the higher-ups’ expressions shifted.

This woman was insulting them as old dogs in this roundabout way?!

No, this wasn’t roundabout! She was pointing at them and insulting them!

“Hmph… President, it’s inadvisable to involve a large number of people when going to the northern district. Otherwise, it’s the same as revealing ourselves to the whole state, and that subordinate faction will also make preparations in advance. If they team up with Asura and set up an ambush, we’d basically be willingly walking into a trap,” a higher-up said with a snort.

Did this d*mn woman really think she was the president of the Fearless Alliance?!

If they didn’t sign an agreement before and didn’t find evidence proving she was pretending to be the president… she wouldn’t be able to skip and jump about the conference room, spouting nonsense like this!

Ye Wanwan glanced at the elderly man who spoke and snorted. “Your words are reasonable of course. It isn’t suitable to engage in great fanfare for this fight. I only need 100 people.”

“100 people?!”

When everyone heard Ye Wanwan’s arrogant words, Big Dipper and Seven Star were startled, let alone the other higher-ups in the room.

She wanted to seek revenge on a subordinate faction under Asura with a mere hundred people?

The destroyed Fearless Alliance branch in the northern district had more than 1000 people. Even a branch with 1000 people was destroyed, yet she wanted to take only 100 people to seek revenge?!

“Hahaha, great! The president is truly the president… We naturally can’t compare to you… Since you’ve spoken, then please lead 100 people to seek revenge, President…” an elder said with a string of laughter.

He’d like to see what kind of price this woman was going to pay for her ignorance and arrogance!

If she truly was the president of the Fearless Alliance, perhaps she could really eradicate a subordinate faction under Asura with a mere hundred people… But was she?!

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