Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1439 - Probing

Chapter 1439: Probing

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Ye Wanwan aloofly swept her eyes over Third Elder and the others.

“Heh… President, you just returned from Asura’s conference… Didn’t something happen during the conference…?” an elderly man said meaningfully as he turned to Ye Wanwan.

These higher-ups were indeed shocked when they learned Ye Wanwan returned from Asura’s conference completely unharmed.

Lord Asura actually didn’t do anything to this woman despite his personality.

But this was good too. If Ye Wanwan seriously died in the hands of Lord Asura, then their detective game would probably have to end.

Since Ye Wanwan didn’t die, they could continue to search for evidence that Ye Wanwan was pretending to be the president of the Fearless Alliance.

“What? Did you think something would happen at the conference?” Ye Wanwan asked coldly while staring at the elderly man.

The elderly man chuckled lightly and shook his head but didn’t say anything.

“Big Dipper told me that a branch of the Fearless Alliance in the northern district was destroyed by a subordinate faction under Asura.” Ye Wanwan got straight to the point.

An ineffable smile spread across Third Elder Li Si’s face as he nodded. “President, the branch in the northern district had some monetary conflicts with a subordinate faction under Asura, and that subordinate faction relied on the fact that it was under Asura’s protection and eradicated our branch. I heard some members of Asura even took part in it.”

Ye Wanwan was pensive. According to the Fearless Alliance’s personality and style, especially President Fearless, this was the same as being ruthlessly slapped on the face. How could they tolerate such shameful humiliation?!

Who cared whether you were Asura or Prison?! If you provoked the Fearless Alliance, they’d simply drag you to death with them! Even if they weren’t on the same level and couldn’t mutually perish with you, they’d at least disgust you somehow.

“We’re stuck in an argument right now. Some higher-ups think that because it’s just a branch, its destruction is no big deal. But there are also some higher-ups who think of this as shameful humiliation and say we should retaliate. Of course, we’ll allow you to make the final decision, President,” Third Elder said with a mocking smile while watching Ye Wanwan.

All the senior managers present turned to Ye Wanwan. Regardless of what she decided, it would be fatal to this woman.

If Ye Wanwan chose to do nothing, it’d be the same as going against the Fearless Alliance’s beliefs and doctrine. It also absolutely wasn’t President Fearless’ style.

However, if she did decide to retaliate, Asura would definitely interfere. This would cause the matter to escalate detrimentally, crushing the Fearless Alliance.

No matter what she chose this time, she wouldn’t be able to avoid disaster!

Ye Wanwan remained silent.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Ye Wanwan ended up deciding that she had to seek revenge for this matter!

And she had to personally lead the group!

First of all, she could assert her dominance. Second of all (most importantly), she could test Lord Asura, who looked identical to Si Yehan.

She’d like to see whether Lord Asura would attack if she personally led the Fearless Alliance to eradicate a subordinate faction under Asura!

“Seven Star, Big Dipper, what do you think?” Ye Wanwan looked at the two people nearby.

“Sis Feng, it goes without saying! We’re fighting them for sure! We’re gonna beat those b*stards ’til they’re dead! How dare they harm a branch of the Fearless Alliance?!” Big Dipper looked incensed as though he wanted the whole world to be encased in chaos. His answer was just as Ye Wanwan expected.

No wonder a fool like Big Dipper was assigned to an important position by Bro Flattop. It was probably because they were birds of a feather.

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