Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1438 - Not to be trifled with

Chapter 1438: Not to be trifled with

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However, even Ye Wanwan didn’t expect Big Dipper’s words today to become the truth in the future.

The current Ye Wanwan never would’ve imagined the Fearless Alliance would seriously sign an alliance pact with Asura, Heavenly Hatred, and Slaughter’s Gate under her leadership, allowing the Fearless Alliance to become the fourth member of Prison.

Of course, that was future talk.

Back in this current moment, Ye Wanwan put away the invitation token and turned to Big Dipper. “Where’s the Star Destroyer mercenary team?”

Big Dipper shrugged and replied, “After leaving the manor, the three of them chased after me, asking for money. I ran away and have no idea where they are.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Although those three people loved money as much as their lives, she had an employer-employee relationship with them and had to pay the money due to them. Why the heck did they run away…

“Send them $100,000. The money you conned out of Piece of Sh*t last time is just enough,” Ye Wanwan ordered Big Dipper.

Big Dipper’s expression abruptly shifted, and he rushed to change the topic. “Oh right, Sis Feng… I came to see you for official business!”

“Speak,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Those old geezers want to have a meeting with you… They said something about a big subordinate faction under Asura destroying the territory of a Fearless Alliance branch…”

“Asura’s subordinate power?” Ye Wanwan was taken back.

Asura’s subordinate power destroyed a Fearless Alliance branch?!

Ye Wanwan swiftly stood up and headed to the conference room level.

At that moment, the conference room was embroiled in a storm of shouts and arguments.

Some senior managers suggested launching destructive revenge. Asura might be a core member of Prison, but the Fearless Alliance wasn’t to be trifled with either. They could die together if worse came to worst.

Other senior managers adamantly protested against retaliation and wanted to just take it lying down.

“Asura might be strong and a member of Prison, but it was Asura’s subordinate faction who eradicated our branch, not Asura themselves. How about we destroy this subordinate power?”

“What a joke.” Third Elder Li Si snorted. “Don’t you know what a subordinate faction is? If we attack Asura’s subordinate faction, how could Asura not do anything about it?”

Only senior managers of the Fearless Alliance were inside the conference room, and they all belonged to different parties, so they all naturally had different opinions.

As Ye Wanwan entered the conference room, the unceasing quarrels dissipated instantly, and the room was enveloped in silence.

Ye Wanwan entered the conference room and swept her eyes over everyone before sliding into the chief seat without any hesitation.

As she looked at the silent crowd, she wasn’t fooled by the surface. Everyone here was secretly operating for their own goals, and they all wanted to find proof that she wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance and kill her.

Ye Wanwan learned some inside information from Seven Star already. In order to prevent the Fearless Alliance from fracturing, they all considered her a chess piece and signed an agreement that stated the first person to prove she wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance would become the president.

Her every decision, her every step—she had to proceed cautiously. Otherwise, the slightest careless mistake would lead to her ruthless demise.

All of these higher-ups considered her a chess piece and wanted to use her to advance their positions. But none of them knew that she also considered these higher-ups and the entire Fearless Alliance chess pieces.

It wouldn’t be so easy to test whether she was the true president of the Fearless Alliance!

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