Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1437 - Emperor Ji gave it to me

Chapter 1437: Emperor Ji gave it to me

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Big Dipper didn’t believe her, but Ye Wanwan was too lazy to continue explaining.

Big Dipper was full of suspicion. “Sis Feng… you really didn’t steal it? Could it be that the coalition really invited us?”

“Ji Xiuran gave it to me,” Ye Wanwan answered.

“D*mn… Emperor Ji gave it to you.” Big Dipper was taken back and astonished. “He wants to humiliate our Fearless Alliance!”

“Humiliate the Fearless Alliance?” Ye Wanwan stared at Big Dipper. “What do you mean?”

“Sis Feng, think about it. Our Fearless Alliance has always been a lone wolf and never participates in the conflicts between the coalition and Prison… Additionally, our Fearless Alliance has only participated in the Martial Arts Conference once before and ended up being kicked out. Yet, Emperor Ji gave us an invitation now. I think we’d be better off not participating in it,” Big Dipper said.

Ye Wanwan had a cursory understanding about Prison and the coalition.

Many years ago, a faction named Prison singlehandedly lorded over the Independent State and did whatever they wanted. No other faction dared to provoke them.

Later, many powerful factions formed a coalition and waged war against Prison.

This war was one of the few large-scale military campaigns in the history of the Independent State, and the one who proposed the coalition was the previous president of the Martial Arts Union.

After many years of fighting, Prison was forced to retreat, and this was when the Martial Arts Union, which was composed of many, many great factions, came into power.

For example, the four great clans, along with other major factions, were once members of the coalition, but the four great clans left the coalition after the war with Prison concluded and were members in name only. Meanwhile, the other factions that didn’t withdraw from the coalition formed the present-day Martial Arts Union.

As for Prison, it was the result of three great factions who banded together and formed a super alliance.

These three great factions were Slaughter’s Gate, Heavenly Hatred, and Asura. People called the alliance formed by these three great factions “Prison,” and it was the evilest and most vicious faction in the Independent State.

Back then, Asura was targeted by the Martial Arts Union since the previous president of the Martial Arts Union wanted to launch a surprise attack on Prison.

After Asura was surrounded, both Slaughter’s Gate and Heavenly Hatred acted and sent out an immense number of top experts to fight the Martial Arts Union to the death.

In the end, both sides were weakened and wounded by the war. After Lord Asura went missing, Prison lost an ally, so they hibernated in their cave and didn’t do anything big for many years.

Any party who accepted the Martial Arts Union’s invitation implicitly expressed an interest to join the coalition and strengthen the coalition’s power to prevent Prison from launching a second war.

“Sis Feng, I’m uninterested in joining the coalition… But if we were to join Prison, that’d be so awesome and impressive!” Big Dipper looked very excited.

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, Big Dipper sighed. “However, our Fearless Alliance wasn’t qualified to join Prison even at our peak… Sis Feng, although you’re vicious, malicious, and crafty enough, you’re no match for the three core factions of Prison—Slaughter’s Gate, Heavenly Hatred, and Asura. We aren’t on the same level as them…”

“Moreover, the Fearless Alliance instigated a sneak attack on a branch of Asura, which is the same as declaring we’re part of Prison’s enemy faction… They didn’t destroy us, but that’s because they consider us ants…”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper and wished nothing more than to smack his face mercilessly.

Who’s vicious? Who’s malicious? Who’s crafty? Doesn’t he know how to talk properly?

What stung the most was that Asura didn’t attack them simply because they were ants to Asura…

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