Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1436 - You dare to steal something like this?

Chapter 1436: You dare to steal something like this?

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After obtaining the invitation token, Ji Xiuran didn’t linger at home and left the Ji residence with Ye Wanwan.

Soon, Ji Xiuran had Skeleton drive them close tothe Fearless Alliance’s headquarters and handed the Martial Arts Conference token to Ye Wanwan.

“Keep this somewhere safe. I’ll tell you when the Martial Arts Conference is being held. At that time, you can take this token and participate in the Martial Arts Conference as the representative of the Fearless Alliance,” Ji Xiuran said.

“Thanks…” Ye Wanwan nodded lightly and carefully put the token away.

After Ye Wanwan returned to the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, Skeleton turned to Ji Xiuran and said, “Emperor Ji, did you want Miss Worriless to participate in the Martial Arts Conference this time to whiten the Fearless Alliance’s name and allow them to become a member of the coalition?”

Ji Xiuran nodded. “That’s right. The Fearless Alliance is in an extremely precarious situation right now. The Fearless Alliance offended too many factions, not to even mention Asura. However, Worriless hasn’t recovered her memories yet and can’t respond to many affairs, so it’s too dangerous for her.”

Skeleton looked pensive upon hearing that. If Worriless Nie could pass the assessment and become a member of the coalition, then those other factions would have second thoughts about acting against Worriless Nie and the Fearless Alliance.

At the same time, inside her office, Ye Wanwan sat and watched the sound asleep Virus and Great White. She examined the silver token in her hand as snippets of memories of Scarlet Flames Mercenary Guild surfaced in her mind again.

Ye Wanwan became more and more puzzled. These memory fragments looked extremely realistic…

Why would this kind of memory fragment surface in her mind if she wasn’t a resident of the Independent State?

Could it be… she really was a resident of the Independent State…? Or she visited the Independent State before?

If she really was a resident of the Independent State, could it be possible that she really was the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop?

This couldn’t all be a coincidence…

However, the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, clearly had parents. Meanwhile, her grandfather told her her parents had passed away.

What exactly is going on here…?

While Ye Wanwan was drowning in this tornado of thoughts, Big Dipper pushed open the door and swaggered into the office.


When Big Dipper approached Ye Wanwan and saw the silver token she was playing with, his expression transformed instantly.

Big Dipper’s shout disrupted Ye Wanwan’s contemplation.

Ye Wanwan looked up and glanced at Big Dipper from the corners of her eyes with displeasure clear on her face. “Didn’t I tell you to remember to knock when you enter my office? Also, don’t freak out like that from now on.”

However, Big Dipper didn’t respond at all and merely stared at the silver token in her hands.

A moment later, Big Dipper said, “D*mn… Sis Feng, you didn’t seriously do that, right…?”

Ye Wanwan’s brows furrowed slightly. She didn’t understand what Big Dipper was referring to.

What did I do?

“Sis Feng, it’s true that we’re robbers… but you dared to steal something like an invitation to the Martial Arts Conference…?” Big Dipper gave Ye Wanwan a giant thumbs up with respect on his face.

“I didn’t steal it…” Ye Wanwan looked rankled.

No matter what, she wouldn’t go as far as to steal an invitation… Moreover, this thing was useless even if she stole it. It had to be given to someone else.

“You didn’t steal it, Sis Feng?” Big Dipper looked doubtful.

Except for the one time the Fearless Alliance was invited when the Martial Arts Conference was first created, it hadn’t invited the Fearless Alliance ever since.

Their Fearless Alliance committed every imaginable misdeed possible, so there was no way they would get invited.

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