Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1435 - A new boss alias is online

Chapter 1435: A new boss alias is online

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However, all Worriless Nie’s records and honors were broken after Nie Linglong entered Scarlet Flames Academy.

Now, Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend changed from Worriless Nie to Nie Linglong, and no one had yet to break the records established by Nie Linglong at Scarlet Flames Academy.

“Scarlet Flames Academy…” Ye Wanwan murmured. She felt her head swell up for some reason and a shredding pain tore through her whole body.

It was as though the presence of alcohol in her caused many tattered memory fragments to surface in her mind.

In these memory fragments, Ye Wanwan clearly saw the golden-charactered sign of Scarlet Flames Academy as well as some events that happened in the academy.

“Are you okay?”

Ji Xiuran asked as he clapped Ye Wanwan’s shoulder when he saw something amiss in Ye Wanwan’s expression.

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply. Her memories were absolutely chaotic, and she reflexively blurted out, “I think… I’ve been to Scarlet Flames Academy before…”

A glint sparkled in Ji Xiuran’s eyes when he heard this.

He didn’t look away from Ye Wanwan for a single second.

This was a symptom of memory recovery…

Worriless Nie entered Scarlet Flames Academy two times back then.

The first time, she used the identity of Worriless Nie to enter Scarlet Flames Academy and became its legend.

The second time, she used the alias of Demon to enter Scarlet Flames Academy and transformed from being a student to its chief instructor.

However, her identity as Demon the instructor wasn’t as famous as Worriless Nie, and very few people knew Demon was Worriless Nie.

The second time Worriless Nie entered Scarlet Flames Academy was a flash in the pan, and she was there in name only. She rarely made appearances at the academy.

Now, Ye Wanwan suddenly said she seemed to have gone to Scarlet Flames Academy before—a surprise to Ji Xiuran.

Everyone knew that after memory masking, the old memories were basically erased, and it was very difficult to recover them.

Soon, Ye Wanwan regained her wits, and her mind was clearer than normal due to the intense pain in her head earlier.

Ji Xiuran looked at Ji Lingfei nearby and said frankly, “Give the Martial Arts Conference’s invitation to me.”

“No!” Ji Lingfei furrowed her brows deeply.

The Ji family’s invitations for the Martial Arts Conference were all in Ji Lingfei’s safekeeping.

Ji Xiuran merely extended his hand toward Ji Lingfei. His tone didn’t allow for any dissent as he said, “Give it to me.”

Ji Lingfei was startled; she had rarely ever seen Ji Xiuran so serious.

It wasn’t only Ji Lingfei though; even Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji were surprised.

Ji Xiuran had never spoken to his sister, Ji Lingfei, with this kind of tone… This was the first time.

Ye Wanwan was a bit embarrassed upon seeing this. She didn’t care whether she went to an event like the Martial Arts Conference or not. If obtaining an invitation to the Martial Arts Conference would cause Ji Xiuran to have an argument with his family, she would rather not go.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t dare to say anything, afraid that the conflict would worsen. Moreover, she was a fake, so the more she said, the more likely she’d expose herself, especially in front of someone like Emperor Ji.

In the end, Ji Lingfei relented and turned to leave. When she returned, she threw a silver token at Ji Xiuran.

It was true that Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji didn’t want to give the Martial Arts Conference’s invitation to President Fearless, but Ji Xiuran had to have a reason for his staunch attitude, so they had no choice but to accept it regardless of their displeasure.

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