Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1434 - Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend

Chapter 1434: Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend

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“Brother Xiuran doesn’t eat leek,” Nie Linglong interjected.

However, just as Nie Linglong said that, Ji Xiuran picked up the leek and ate it.

“It tastes good,” Ji Xiuran said.

A vein popped out of Nie Linglong’s forehead.

Just who was this woman?! How could she cause Ji Xiuran to act like this?!

However, Nie Linglong gathered her emotions swiftly and docilely looked at Ji Xiuran. She gently asked, “Brother Xiuran, you’ve never eaten leek before…”

“I eat it now,” Ji Xiuran answered.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up. It appeared Ji Xiuran’s desire to live was very strong…

“Uncle Ji… let’s make a toast.” Nie Linglong stood up suddenly and raised her glass toward Patriarch Ji with a sweet smile.

Patriarch Ji nodded and downed the glass.

Ye Wanwan also picked up her glass and filled it. Then she stood up and said to Patriarch Ji, “Uncle, cheers.”

Patriarch Ji glanced at Ye Wanwan aloofly but bumped his cup with Ye Wanwan’s out of politeness in the end, and they shared a drink.

“Uncle Ji, the Martial Arts Conference is about to start, and the Ji family should have enough allocated entries. I hope you can give the extra entry slot to me, Uncle Ji,” Nie Linglong requested Patriarch Ji with a smile.

“What? The Nie family doesn’t have enough entries?” Patriarch Ji was surprised.

Nie Linglong shook her head. “Uncle Ji, Eldest Brother has a lot of friends on the outside, so he gave away a lot of the Nie family’s entries to his friends this time…”

Madam Ji was exasperated. They might’ve doubted it if it was someone else, but Nameless Nie was definitely someone who would do something like that…

“Sure, Auntie will give an entry to you,” Madam Ji said with a smile.

Nie Linglong looked joyfully surprised upon hearing that and hastily stood up to toast Madam Ji.

Ye Wanwan didn’t speak at all for the rest of the meal and merely watched Nie Linglong perform.

Nie Linglong finally stood up after some more casual conversation with Madam Ji and Patriarch Ji and left with her two maids.

Nie Linglong’s eyes indifferently swept over Ye Wanwan’s figure before she left the Ji estate without looking back.

“Linglong is truly an extraordinary child.”

Madam Ji looked very fond as she said, “Back then, Worriless was Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend and created all sorts of records in the Scarlet Flames Mercenary Guild. However, Linglong broke all the records Worriless created.”

Ye Wanwan was startled.

She naturally knew about the Scarlet Flames Academy of the Independent State and heard quite a handful of stories about the Scarlet Flames Academy from Big Dipper.

Rumors said that Worriless Nie, the renowned Second Miss of the Nie family and the second sister of Nameless Nie, once studied at Scarlet Flames Mercenary Academy and established many of the records in the Scarlet Flames Mercenary Guild.

There were countless mercenary academies in the Independent State, but only three were famous—Scarlet Flames Academy was one of them.

In the early days, the three famous mercenary academies had an acrimonious relationship and many students of the Scarlet Flames Academy were assassinated by the two other mercenary academies when they went out on missions. Eventually, Worriless Nie stepped up and gave the geniuses and top students of the other two academies a fierce beating. She became the idol of the entire Scarlet Flames Academy and was labeled its legend and the most heroic student of the Scarlet Flames Academy.

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