Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1433 - Eat less meat

Chapter 1433: Eat less meat

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“Have we met somewhere before?” Nie Linglong suddenly turned to Ye Wanwan and asked.

Ye Wanwan’s face shifted immediately. Seriously, what I’m afraid of is unavoidable…

“I don’t think so, Miss Nie,” Ye Wanwan replied aloofly with a glance at Nie Linglong.

Nie Linglong’s two servants instantly turned angry when they saw Ye Wanwan’s attitude. Just who does this woman think she is?! How dare she treat and look at the Third Miss of the Nie family like this?!/

If she weren’t Ji Xiuran’s friend and they weren’t at the Ji estate, they would’ve definitely made her regret speaking like that!

“Hello, I’m Nie Linglong. Since you’re Brother Xiuran’s friend, you’re my friend as well. What’s your name?” Nie Linglong asked Ye Wanwan with a smile.

“Bai Feng,” Ye Wanwan answered calmly.

“Bai Feng, is it… I feel like I’ve heard this name somewhere before.” Nie Linglong looked pensive but couldn’t recall where.

She quickly asked, “Oh right, when did Miss Bai meet Brother Xiuran? I’ve never heard Brother Xiuran mention you.”

Ye Wanwan was puzzled. Didn’t Third Miss Nie know she was the president of the Fearless Alliance and Ji Xiuran’s fiancée…?

Ye Wanwan’s female intuition instinctively told her Nie Linglong was hostile toward her. Nie Linglong’s every word seemed to assert her dominance, as though Ji Xiuran belonged to her.

“Brother Xiuran is normally buried in work and can’t take care of himself properly… But Brother Xiuran has looked more lively lately. It must be because Sister Bai Feng is taking good care of Brother Xiuran. Allow me to thank Sister Bai Feng for taking care of Brother Xiuran.” The corners of Nie Linglong’s lips turned up as she looked at Ye Wanwan.

Fury ignited in Ye Wanwan’s heart.

Although she wasn’t the real Bai Feng or Ji Xiuran’s fiancée, she was currently using Bai Feng’s identity, so she felt somewhat indebted to Bai Feng.

Since she was using Bai Feng’s identity, how could she allow this woman to steal Bai Feng’s man?

Moreover, with Bai Feng’s personality, she absolutely wouldn’t allow people to trample all over her in this kind of situation.

Ye Wanwan ignored Nie Linglong and turned to Ji Xiuran instead. She asked, “Xiuran, who is she? She seems close to you?”

Before Ji Xiuran could respond, Nie Linglong’s expression darkened; it was so black that ink could drip from her face.

Her every word secretly asserted her dominance, but this woman was even more straightforward! This woman provoked her directly…

“A friend,” Ji Xiuran said to Ye Wanwan.

“A friend?” Ye Wanwan smiled sardonically. “A friend… huh… Since she’s a friend, you should’ve introduced her to me earlier.”

The two maids next to Nie Linglong both clenched their fists tightly, rage boiling in their eyes.

“Yes.” Ji Xiuran responded with a nod.

As they spoke, the Ji family’s servants entered the hall with food in tow.

“Let’s eat,” Ji Xiuran said.

“Sure…” Nie Linglong obediently sat next to Ji Xiuran and directed a piece of meat toward Ji Xiuran’s bowl.

Ye Wanwan wore a bright smile and picked out the piece of meat from Ji Xiuran’s bowl before he could pick up his chopsticks.

Nie Linglong expressionlessly stared at Ye Wanwan.

“Xiuran, you’ve had so many business gatherings lately, so you should eat less meat… Here, have some vegetables.” Ye Wanwan picked up a giant piece of leek and placed it into Ji Xiuran’s bowl.

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