Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1432 - How was this woman capable?

Chapter 1432: How was this woman capable?

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Upon hearing that, both Madam Ji and Patriarch Ji shook their heads. Nie Linglong spoke the truth.

Ever since Worriless Nie was found and returned to the Nie family, she hadn’t stepped foot in the Ji residence or sought Ji Xiuran out for a reunion.

If this was the past, Worriless Nie would’ve wished nothing more than to live at the Ji estate every day, and her eyes would be glued to Ji Xiuran even when eating.

Ji Xiuran had an indescribable smile on his lips and he sent a fleeting glance to Nie Linglong but didn’t say anything.

On the side, Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth in fury. Ji Xiuran was absolutely a piece of scum!

She was sitting right next to him, but he remained intricately entangled with the Nie sisters!

Thankfully, she wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, or else the top of her head would’ve turned into the Siberian grassland…

“Ah, Tangtang is a pitiful child too. He was abandoned at home after Sister gave birth to him and hasn’t felt his parents’ love since he was born. It would be fine if that was it, but Tangtang still doesn’t know who his biological father is…” Nie Linglong’s eyes looked misty, as though her heart immensely ached for Tangtang.

“What deep sisterly affections you two have,” Ji Xiuran commented with a smile.

Nie Linglong gently nodded. “I’m the most grateful to Sister Worriless in this world. If it weren’t for Sister Worriless… I would’ve died a long time ago… Of course I hope for Sister Worriless to be happy from the bottom of my heart… So it’s wonderful now that Sister Worriless is home… and has Tangtang for company.”

“Linglong, while your Sister Worriless wasn’t home all these years, it was you who took care of Tangtang by yourself and didn’t even have time to find a boyfriend. It’s been hard on you.” Madam Ji looked at Nie Linglong with heartache on her face.

“It would be nothing even if I’m single my whole life for my sister’s sake.” Nie Linglong donned a docile demeanor.

“Your Sister Worriless is lucky to have a sensible and clever sister like you,” Patriarch Ji said with a smile.

“Uncle Ji, I’m just doing what a sister should. Anyway, if it weren’t for Sister, I would’ve died already. I’m the one who’s lucky to be Sister’s younger sister,” Nie Linglong replied.

“Let’s talk about something else.” Ji Xiuran’s slender fingers lightly tapped the arm of his chair.

“Sure, whatever Brother Xiuran says.” Nie Linglong nodded, but her brows furrowed lightly when she caught sight of Ye Wanwan from the corner of her eyes.

Who is this woman, and why is she in the Ji residence…


One of the maids, the one dressed in red clothes, quietly murmured next to Nie Linglong’s ears, “I heard from people in the Ji family that it was Emperor Ji who brought her here…”

Nie Linglong’s face instantly darkened, and a frightening, chilly glint surfaced in her eyes.

Ji Xiuran actually brought a woman home to the Ji residence and allowed that woman to dine with Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji?!

Nie Linglong surveyed the woman again. The woman looked a bit familiar, as though she had seen this woman somewhere else before.

However, Nie Linglong didn’t linger on this matter and turned around, the darkness on her face replaced by a charming mask.

“Sister Lingfei, who’s this sister?” Nie Linglong asked Ji Lingfei.

“Xiuran’s friend,” Ji Lingfei explained.


Nie Linglong didn’t reveal anything on her face but her eyes turned murky.

Ji Xiuran never had female friends. Countless women wanted to approach Ji Xiuran over the years but not a single person could even get a tiny bit close to Ji Xiuran.

Not to mention other people, but Ji Xiuran often avoided even her and was very indifferent toward her…

So how was this woman capable of being brought to the Ji residence to dine with Ji Xiuran’s family?!

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