Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1431 - I wonder who he resembles

Chapter 1431: I wonder who he resembles

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As she said this, the two maids brought by Nie Linglong placed her presents to the side.

“Linglong, we haven’t seen your sister, Worriless, for a long time. How come she didn’t come with you today?” Patriarch Ji asked Nie Linglong.

Nie Linglong’s eyes glinted, and she chuckled lightly. “Uncle Ji, my sister has been busy keeping Tangtang company at home lately, so she doesn’t have too much free time and didn’t come today.”

“Tell Worriless to come over too next time. Since Linglong is here today, have a few drinks with Uncle Ji,” Patriarch Ji said.

Nie Linglong smiled and bobbed her head eagerly. She charmingly said, “Great, I also happened to want to have a few drinks with Uncle Ji.”

An icy glint appeared in Nie Linglong’s eyes.

What was so good about Worriless Nie? Not only did she get impregnated by a wild man and shamed the Nie family, causing them to be unable to stand proud in the Independent State for many years, but she even disappeared for many years and went to China with that wild man.

In Nie Linglong’s eyes, a lousy tramp like Worriless didn’t deserve to taint even a hair on Ji Xiuran!

Now, the patriarch and madam of the Ji family kept thinking about that harlot, Worriless…

Thankfully, she made preparations ahead of time and got someone to pretend to be Worriless Nie.

“Oh right, how’s Tangtang doing lately?” Madam Ji asked with a smile.

Nie Linglong replied, “Auntie… Tangtang is doing very well recently. He’s with Sister and he’s getting smarter and more well-behaved… However, he doesn’t resemble Sister too much. I wonder who he resembles.”

Tangtang truly looked too exquisite and beautiful, but his mother, Worriless Nie, could be considered pretty at most.

Both Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji’s expressions shifted when they heard her words.

Back then, Worriless Nie had a child before she was married, and no one knew who the child’s father was…

This incident not only shamed the Nie family but was also a gigantic hit to the Nie family and disgraced the Ji family as well.

Back then, it was Worriless Nie herself who claimed she wouldn’t marry anyone but Ji Xiuran and announced to the whole Independent State that she was Ji Xiuran’s fiancée. In the end, her child wasn’t Ji Xiuran’s.

Of course, they couldn’t blame Worriless.

Back then, that girl, Worriless, was sincerely devoted to Xiuran, but their son didn’t know to value her and caused her to leave her home for many years without returning. Madam Ji had always felt guilty about Worriless, so she couldn’t blame Worriless at all.

Nie Linglong secretly smiled when she saw the unhappiness in Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji’s faces.

The Nie family wasn’t willing to bring up Worriless Nie’s fault from back then, and the Ji family was the same. Hence, Nie Linglong said what she did to make Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji clearly understand what kind of trash Worriless Nie was.

Then Nie Linglong turned to Ji Xiuran and stood up, walking toward him. “Brother Xiuran… Long time no see… How are you doing lately?”

“What are you asking about specifically?” Ji Xiuran asked aloofly.

Nie Linglong was startled. She didn’t know how to respond to Ji Xiuran’s words.

Madam Ji looked at Nie Linglong pensively and shook her head exasperatedly.

Madam Ji naturally knew Nie Linglong’s thoughts. Nie Linglong had never hidden her feelings toward Ji Xiuran; it became especially obvious after Worriless Nie went missing.

“Brother Xiuran… do you still miss Sister Worriless…? But Brother Xiuran, you know that Sister Worriless has Tangtang already… Her heart isn’t with you anymore…” Nie Linglong looked at Ji Xiuran pitifully.

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