Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1430 - Wouldn't she be exposed?

Chapter 1430: Wouldn’t she be exposed?

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As Ye Wanwan looked at Madam Ji and Patriarch Ji, confusion surfaced on her face.

For some reason, she found these two people very familiar, as though she knew them.

It was like she’d seen them somewhere before, but she couldn’t recall anything for now.

After coming to the Independent State, Ye Wanwan found herself becoming more and more confused. Many people and places were familiar, but she couldn’t locate anything in her memories after careful consideration.

Ye Wanwan even started suspecting she’d been to the Independent State before her memories were masked. Perhaps, she was from the Independent State herself…

However, the portion of fragmented memories she had wasn’t related to the Independent State at all.

In her recalled memories, she and her Grandpa were in China, and Grandpa told her that her parents passed away already…

“Mother, I brought Xiao Feng home today because I’d like to give the Ji family’s extra entry slot for the Martial Arts Conference to Xiao Feng,” Ji Xiuran said.

“The Martial Arts Conference’s entry slot?” Madam Ji was clearly startled.

As one of the four great clans in the Independent State, the Ji family did obtain quite a few entries for the Martial Arts Conference and had an extra entry.

However, this type of entry slot was extremely valuable, so how could it be casually given to someone else?

Madam Ji didn’t say anything and merely glanced at Ye Wanwan aloofly.

“Xiuran, I’ll figure something out to enter the Martial Arts Conference myself,” Ye Wanwan said as she turned to Ji Xiuran.

It was obvious that the rest of the Ji family didn’t like her, so it didn’t seem realistic for her to obtain an entry slot to the Martial Arts Conference from them.

“Heh… Not just anyone can participate in the Martial Arts Conference,” Madam Ji said with a dry smile.

Before Ye Wanwan could reply, a middle-aged man swiftly entered the living room and bowed to Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji. “Patriarch, Madam… the Third Miss of the Nie family is here for a visit.”

Ye Wanwan was surprised. Third Miss of the Nie family… Isn’t that Nameless Nie’s Third Sister? I think her name is Nie Linglong…

Ye Wanwan might look calm on the surface, but turbulent emotions stormed through her on the inside.

Back when she had a video call with Tangtang in China while Tangtang was in the Independent State, Nameless Nie’s Third Sister, Nie Linglong, saw her…

If I’m recognized… wouldn’t I be exposed?!

However, it’s too late for me to leave now…

Ye Wanwan straightened her body. Her only solution now was to meet each crisis with an impromptu solution. Even if she was recognized, she’d be fine as long as she refused to admit it.

As the middle-aged man finished speaking, a tall, slender, good-looking woman with ink-colored hair that reached her waist strolled into the Ji family’s living room with two girls dressed as maids behind her.

“Uncle, auntie,” Nie Linglong sweetly greeted them while looking at Patriarch Ji and Madam Ji with a docile demeanor.

Patriarch Ji nodded curtly while Madam Ji quickly stood up.

“Linglong, how come you didn’t tell us before coming?” Madam Ji grasped Nie Linglong’s hand, her eyes brimming with adoration for the girl.

Madam Ji liked both Worriless Nie and Nie Linglong from the Nie family a lot, especially since she watched Nie Linglong grow up.

Nie Linglong chuckled and said, “Linglong has missed you after not seeing you for many days. I happened to pass by the Ji estate today, so I bought some things and came to visit uncle and auntie.”

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