Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1429 - Still inferior to Worriless

Chapter 1429: Still inferior to Worriless

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“Heh, Xiuran rarely brings girls home.” Madam Ji looked at Ye Wanwan and chuckled lightly. “I heard from Lingfei that you are Bai Feng, the president of the Fearless Alliance.”

“Yes, auntie,” Ye Wanwan replied while looking back at the elegant and poised woman.

“Oh… I’ve heard of the Fearless Alliance’s great name. It even destroyed a power that was subordinate to our Ji family back then,” Madam Ji said detachedly.

Ye Wanwan became slightly embarrassed upon hearing that.

What kind of sin had Bai Feng committed…

“Sit, President Bai, don’t be polite,” Patriarch Ji said to Ye Wanwan.

“Okay…” Ye Wanwan sat down and realized she forgot to bring a gift even though she was visiting their home for the first time…

“Xiuran, I’ve told you already that Worriless has returned to the Nie family already, yet you have all sorts of excuses every time I tell you to visit her. Don’t you know you’re going to hurt Worriless’ feelings like this?” Madam Ji said as she turned to Ji Xiuran.

“Worriless Nie…”

Ye Wanwan was surprised when she heard Madam Ji’s words.

Wasn’t Worriless Nie the missing second sister of Nameless Nie and the biological mother of Tangtang…?

Based on what Madam Ji said though, did Ji Xiuran have something going on with Worriless Nie?!

But… Worriless Nie had even birthed a child…

Baby Tangtang’s biological father couldn’t be Ji Xiuran, right?!

However, Ye Wanwan thought it wasn’t possible. After all, if Ji Xiuran was Baby Tangtang’s father, Nameless Nie would’ve known…

On another thought, an unreliable pit-digger like Nameless Nie might really not know. How could you rely on a dunce’s intelligence?

The two dunces of the Independent State, Nameless Nie and Big Dipper, were idiotic to the bones already.

If Ji Xiuran and Worriless Nie had a relationship and had Tangtang… and he still pursued Bai Feng… Wasn’t Ji Xiuran too much of a freaking jerk? An utter, complete piece of scum!

Before Ji Xiuran could respond, Patriarch Ji continued, “Xiuran, if you’re uninterested in Worriless, Nie Linglong is quite decent too.”

“Nonsense!” Madam Ji harshly glared at Patriarch Ji. “You, shut up! I don’t permit you to intrude in our children’s business. I’ll only acknowledge Worriless in my life. Although Linglong is alright… she still can’t compare to Worriless.”

Patriarch Ji glanced at Madam Ji and nodded. “Alright, whatever you say is right.”

“Xiuran, you can have some fun outside, but you can’t bring just anyone to the Ji home. Do you understand?” Madam Ji said meaningfully.

Madam Ji naturally saw the similarities between this girl’s features and Worriless’, but she was a hundred times prettier than Worriless. However, she didn’t want her son to be misled by looks since sincerity was much more difficult to find.

Her words might sound like they were meant for Ji Xiuran, but they were actually meant for Ye Wanwan so she would develop self-understanding and wouldn’t try to play any tricks.

Ye Wanwan had a stomach of stifled fury but had to control herself from erupting.

This fury wasn’t for herself—it was for Bai Feng.

She unswervingly followed Ji Xiuran, but now, how wonderful. Her status as his fiancée wasn’t announced, yet his parents didn’t approve of her. Moreover, this scum, Ji Xiuran, had ambiguous relationships with so many women, and even Baby Tangtang might be his child!

Ye Wanwan purely felt sorry for President Fearless! Blah, scum!

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