Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1428 - Freebie parents-in-law

Chapter 1428: Freebie parents-in-law

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“I brought Xiao Feng back today because I’d like Mom and Dad to give Xiao Feng entry to the Martial Arts Conference,” Ji Xiuran said aloofly.

“What did you say… entry to the Martial Arts Conference? Give it to President Fearless?” Ji Lingfei laughed from her anger. “Ji Xiuran, are you okay? Our Ji family only got a few of such valuable tickets, yet you want the Ji family to give one to President Fearless?”

Ye Wanwan sat some distance away with her brows raised, a pensive expression on her face.

It appeared the Ji family really didn’t know about Ji Xiuran’s relationship with Bai Feng.

It also took her by surprise that Ji Xiuran brought her back because of the Martial Arts Conference that would be held soon…

Ye Wanwan heard about this Martial Arts Conference from Big Dipper. The Independent State held the Martial Arts Conference every three years.

The Martial Arts Conference was held by all the major ancient clans and the Martial Arts Union, and the rules were different every year. If a person displayed outstanding performance during the conference, they could receive invitations from the great ancient clans and become their honored guests.

Ye Wanwan wasn’t clear about the exact circumstances of the Martial Arts Conference.

However, it was very difficult for a lawless faction like the Fearless Alliance to obtain entry to the Martial Arts Conference.

When the Fearless Alliance was first established, it received entries once, but the Fearless Alliance never obtained any more entries to the Martial Arts Conference after that, so the value of an entry ticket could be imagined.

Ye Wanwan originally didn’t intend on participating in some Martial Arts Conference, but after careful consideration, perhaps she could enter an ancient clan after obtaining entry to the Martial Arts Conference. Perhaps she could find Si Yehan of the ancient Si clan…

However, based on this situation, the Ji family didn’t seem to welcome her and probably wouldn’t give her entry.

Ye Wanwan always thought the Ji family knew the president of the Fearless Alliance was Ji Xiuran’s fiancée, but it was only after coming to the Ji residence that she realized she was clearly overthinking.

They had never seen Bai Feng, let alone acknowledged her or knew she was Ji Xiuran’s fiancée…

“Xiuran, entertain President Bai for now. I’m going to see if Dad and Mom have returned yet,” Ji Lingfei told Ji Xiuran and left the living room.

Ji Xiuran turned to Ye Wanwan with an aloof smile on his face and gently said, “Don’t worry. I brought you back today just for a casual meal.”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Ji Xiuran. What relaxing words. Based on Ji Lingfei’s attitude toward her though, Ye Wanwan could already guess his parents’ attitude toward her.

Ji Xiuran also never told her about coming here to obtain entry to the Martial Arts Conference, so she wasn’t prepared in the slightest.

Moments later, a stern-looking elderly man led an elegant and poised woman into the living room. Ji Lingfei followed them silently.

When the elderly man and woman entered the room, their gazes landed on Ye Wanwan.

The woman didn’t conceal her apathetic attitude at all.

“Father, Mother,” Ji Xiuran greeted them after standing up.

Ye Wanwan also swiftly stood up. These two were the patriarch and madam of the Ji family, one of the four great clans of the Independent State, and they were also Ji Xiuran’s parents… as well as her freebie parents-in-law.

Madam Ji nodded and sat in the chief seat along with the elderly man. Then, she carefully examined Ye Wanwan.

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