Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1427 - Took a liking?

Chapter 1427: Took a liking?

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Ji Xiuran wasn’t even fond of Nie Linglong from the Nie family, who frequently came to see him.

That girl wasn’t the only one; Ye Wanwan also froze in her spot.

Am I not Ji Xiuran’s fiancée… Why did Ji Xiuran call me his friend… Does this girl have some kind of relationship with Ji Xiuran?

“This is Ji Lingfei, my elder sister,” Ji Xiuran explained to Ye Wanwan, as though he could tell what she was thinking.

Ye Wanwan nodded. Ji Xiuran actually had an elder sister…

But isn’t this relationship a little messy? Could it be that Ji Xiuran’s sister doesn’t know I’m Ji Xiuran’s fiancée?

Or was Bai Feng’s relationship with Ji Xiuran underground and it wasn’t made public?

“Let’s enter,” Ji Xiuran said lightly and led Ye Wanwan into the Ji Estate before she could reply.

Ye Wanwan and Ji Lingfei followed after Ji Xiuran and swiftly entered the estate.

After entering the estate, many servants of the Ji estate looked at Ye Wanwan in surprise.

This was rather rare. Emperor Ji was famous for being impervious to female charms. This was his first time bringing a girl back to the Ji family…

Soon, Ji Xiuran led them into the living room.

“May I ask your name, sister?” Ji Lingfei took a good look at Ye Wanwan.

Since Ji Xiuran brought this girl home, it proved that her relationship with Ji Xiuran had to be unusual.

Based on Ye Wanwan’s looks, she was quite extraordinary.

No wonder Ji Xiuran hadn’t visited the Second Miss of the Nie family, Worriless Nie, after she returned. It turned out he had a beauty as a new paramour…

Ji Lingfei instinctively felt great repulsion toward Ye Wanwan at once.

Ji Xiuran had a good relationship with Worriless Nie since they were young, and their friendship hadn’t changed despite the long years of separation. The entire Ji family, including the patriarch and madam of the Ji family, hoped for Ji Xiuran to be with Worriless Nie.

Especially after Worriless Nie returned to the Nie family, Madam Ji urged Ji Xiuran to visit Worriless Nie multiple times, but Ji Xiuran didn’t listen at all.

When Ye Wanwan looked at Ji Xiuran, she felt like she saw displeasure in Ji Xiuran’s sister’s gaze for some reason.

“I’m Bai Feng,” Ye Wanwan answered with a smile.

No matter what, Ji Lingfei was Ji Xiuran’s real sister, so Ye Wanwan couldn’t abandon her etiquette and manners, especially since she was visiting their home.

“What did you say?!”

Ji Lingfei shot up instantly with a deep frown on her face as she stared at Ye Wanwan in disbelief.

“You’re Bai Feng?! Are you Bai Feng, the president of the Fearless Alliance?!” Ji Lingfei asked in agitation.

Ye Wanwan nodded.


Ji Xiuran looked at Ji Xiuran with a displeased expression. “Xiuran, do you want to anger Dad and Mom to death?!”

“What kind of power is the Fearless Alliance?! They’re notorious in the Independent State; murder, arson, plunder—there isn’t any evil they won’t commit! Even several factions subordinate to our Ji family were destroyed by the Fearless Alliance! Yet you brought the president of the Fearless Alliance home today?!” Ji Lingfei was enraged, and her eyes were filled with disgust and disdain as she looked at Ye Wanwan.

The leader of a bandit faction like that actually wanted to suck up to their Ji family now?!

Their Ji family still hadn’t sought retribution from them for destroying the Ji family’s subordinate factions!

Could it be that her younger brother took a liking to this girl simply because she resembled Worriless?

But… wasn’t it Xiuran himself who didn’t like Worriless back then and wouldn’t agree to marriage no matter what?

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